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Thu - Feb 12, 2009 : 06:31 pm
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A temple trip to remember
So the other night my ward had the first temple trip of the year. I was unable to hide the fact that I so badly wanted to go! I needed the peaceful easy feeling that only the temple can give, but I was also very worried at teh same time. Because the last temple trip my ward went on the youth did not behave themselves like they should've and they got into some trouble! So the Sunday before I was up infront of all the young women and I kindly reminded them that we were attending the temple and asked that they keep in mind what it means to be modest,  and that they should not be wearing any makeup into the font.
Now I'm just the Laurel President so it's not like I thought ALL the girls would pat attention to me. But still I knew they would hear me.

So we met for rides first at the church and then at a farther place to get the rest of the youth. I took note that we had four youth who had never been to the temple before so I had sure I rode with them. I'm not a big people person and I'm not fond of cities, I tend to not talk when we take trips because I'm either nervous, or thinking like I was that Tuesday night. The whole two and half hour ride up there the 12 seater van was full of happy excited teenagers eager to spend time with their church friends, and I understand that. What botherd me was not the non stop yelling and being very laud, no that for once didn't faze me at all. But more of what the decons who I ended up rideing with, what they were talking about. I'm not saying I'm perfect or anything don't get me wrong! But the young men in that car were very unkind and dirty in their talking.
I sopke a few times trying to calm them down and tried to say things " Would you be talking like that if your mother was beside you?"  in the hopes that they would pick up on the hints. At one point I even said to them " You know, y'all are pristhood holders, don't y'all think that you should clean up the way your talking. Since you know we are on the way to temple?!" that seemed to get their attention for a little while.

Once on the temple grounds we all stood outside the doors and got ourselves in order, I was standing second in the line and was watching the doors as they opend to us, I let everything go when I stepped inside. I made up my mind that I was going to feel the spirit and I was going to relax and find the answers to a few of my questions. When I was sitting on the bench watching the youth, I picked up the Book Of Moron and tunred to the page I had left off that morning, I wanted to finsh that chapter in my reading for trek. But a man walked by and I stopped him to ask a question that had been on mind a lot. He pulled down the bible and read me a verse or seven :-) and then sat there and explained it to me and then we started talking. He said he could see in my eyes that other things had been on my mind too, so I told him I was sorry for the way my ward had been acting that day. You could see his face light up and he gently patted me on the head and whisperd to me that even though my ward was not the best he had ever seen, he said he had never seen some one as young as I am be botherd by the way my friends acted!

He said many more things in the next hour we spoke, but they were far to personal for me to go into at this point.

When I went and changed a onther sister had walked into the locker room and put her arm on my shoulder and with tears in her eyes she said "This will be a temple trip you hold dear! You will never forget the things seen and heard here tonight." And then she whiped my still falling tears off my cheek and hugged me, then turned away and left.

Not only did I gain the peaceful feelings I went there looking to find. But I learned so many things that I also needed and just didn't know I had needed to learn. So that sister was right, I'll never forget that temple trip!


Comment by PoeticIntensity on Feb. 13, 2009 @ 12:03 am
Thank you so much for sharing, Koyote.  It was a wonderful story.