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Tue - Dec 30, 2008 : 06:55 pm
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Indian Christmas
Well I never thought it would a big Christmas because our family has never really had a big one any ways. I started off trying my best to bring the Christmas cheer to others ( something I never do) but I upset and just couldn't make anybody happy. All my family really wanted was snow, we've not seen snow in so long. My two little brothers have never ever even seen any before!

The day before Christmas my bestfriend is the whole world ( Sara) called and talking to her made me feel so much better, I was able to say things I needed to get off my chest which helped me feel the Christmas Spirit! Well the next morning around six am my little brother woke me every other hour and at six I had enough and told him to stay up until my oldest brother woke up which was half an hour. We woke up my youngest brother and we all went to wake my parents and saw to much of our suprize we found a small pile of gifts for each kid.
The little boys got what they had wanted... Some what. Manti and myself had some very good gifts, like my favorite which was a slip of paper that lets me go and get a one hour massage! The best gift ever if I do say so... And I do say so :-)

The day after Christmas we all packed some things and left for my familys house in Tenneesse, once there me and one little brother stayed with my grandparents and the rest of family stayed at a motel.... Yeah I know..
We spent time with every member of the family, some I haven't seen in a such a long time. Everything was pretty good.
Monday night when we came home everything was fine and good... All but me, shortly after church sunday I got sick and since I don't get sick a lot, in fact hardly ever, I've been up on the herbs. I should be better soon! But until then I feel offel.!

I'm really glad to be home, even though trailers are evil and I hate comeing back to this place. I'm really really glad to be home. My Possum, my bed, my food! I can eat what ever I want here. Plus even though I didn't get to go out with Sean like I had wanted to, things are good here.

My only problem is finding a B-day gift for my mom. Her birthday is the  1 and I forgot all about it! I'm thinking about either beading her something or giving her the little butterfly II've carved out of my old tree. I wish I could get her something better then that, but maybe she'll like either one... Who knows.

Well tomorrow is church and I have some other things to go do, so I'll write again soon.


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Comment by Chrissy on Jan. 12, 2009 @ 03:48 pm
Yay,you still come up here!!!I forgot my pass again:(((