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Fri - Nov 28, 2008 : 06:40 pm
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I really like it
So, after almost being robbed at Wal-mart I came home talked to a friend went to bed. When I woke up I wrote this poem, " Never to cry"  it makes scence to me because well there my feelings. 

So comment and let me know what you think about " Never to cry"

Lost in wonder,
I can’t see why you lied to me.
You held me close,
Kept me safe,
But now I’m left alone,
Watching you as you walk away!
Standing here in the dark,
I can’t see the light.
Is it all a lie?
Why can’t you see the emptiness inside of me?
There’s no hiding from the truth,
I can see it in your eyes.
The hate,
All your cries!
Reaching for your hand,
Even though I know your not there,
Searching for a kind word,
Yet I know no one is there.
Don’t know why I try.
We all end up in a lie.
A broken sigh!
What is the point?
All the emptiness,
The blank intentions,
Hollow eyes!
Can’t hear your cries
Once again I’m left standing here,
With out a word,
A hand,
Some one to lean on!
I’ll find my own way.
Find the light behind this darkened sky.
After this,
I won’t cry!
You won’t lie!