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Fri - Nov 21, 2008 : 07:39 pm
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New poem
This is my new poem, I believe it or not was really trying to write a love poem. But I guess because something happend and I got upset just before writting, this what I got. So, yeah. Take a look at " Braking me" Feel free to tell me your thoughts please.

- - - Braking me - - -
No longer your here,
But my scars never leave.
Waking is so hard to do,
And it's all because of you!

I'm alone and yet your eyes,
They burn into my soul.
Searching for my broken heart,
Each tiny piece you once stole.

So close but so far away!
From all the things I have to say.

Your no longer here,
But I'm still quaking in fear.
Never going to show a tear..

The rain is falling,
I hear sweet freedom calling!
But you won't let me go,
Fearing I might show,
All my pain and sorrow.

Forever reaching for tomorrow!

Somebody wake me from me nightmare.
Because your still there.

By Koyote.
Comment please
Comment by MeDu on Nov. 25, 2008 @ 08:27 pm
Dude, I miss spelled breaking me. Man. Well at least I saw it....


It's suppost to say  " - - - Breaking Me - - -" But I can't spell :-(