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Thu - Nov 06, 2008 : 05:55 pm
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Hope it ain't from church
I had a real good day at church yesterday, I did talk to the Bishop and got things setteled.  My ex left me alone so nothing hapend there, the only thing I did not like about it was that in our seminary class some one came and nocked on the door every few seconds and would run down the hallway. Then all the leaders botherd me about trying to figure out what was wrong, but I was fine.

I drank a lot of water at church last night.... I did not eat hardly anyting yesterday, but something made me very very sick. Last night I did not sleep because I was so sick. My oldest brother was also very ill, we both didn't sleep and we both had a lot of water at church. So my Pa thinks that we may have gotten something from the water founton there. In a way I hope it did because then my younger brothers won't get it. But I also hope like  crazy it didn't because that's church, you don't want to go to church fine and come home sick! I mean you just don't. So cross your fingures it'll be gone soon...

But other then that, I guess everything is going well. I'm almost cought up in my seminary, I fell way behind because I lost my book and for three weeks I didn't do anything, I was still in Matthew 24 when I should've been on Luke 11. But I'm gaining good ground, I handed in my home work to Brother Harcrow last night and he said that he'd have it back soon. I'm kinda excited because of some of the work I did. I know he'll feel what I felt when he reads it. :-)


Oh I almost forgot, last night after church a guy came up and huged me...... Freaked me out a little, then he held me there for a while, then he asked me for my cell phone number. I used to like him but he's not my type at all. He is a memeber of the church and he's my age, but he's not my type at all! Plus hugging me..... Made it very weird because every one knows I don't like being touched, he got kicked a lot in the past because of coming up and grabbing me. He knows all to well I dislike being touched! I can't help but to wonder what is going on, you know. I'm the Indian girl no body likes, I'm the Laurel President and not even my Young Womens teachers talk to me. Now every one seems to be coming up and hugging me and talking to me. They do that at Powwows because I'm the Cheifs neice, but people at church couldn't care less.
It's very weird!

I'm so tired and very sick. So I'm sorry to cut it short but I think it would be best if I left. Good night.