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Thu - Oct 09, 2008 : 12:20 pm
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A date... A new member?
The Powwow was great. Just what I needed, I spent a lot of time thinking and relaxing and getting over all the offel things that've happend! I danced and with each step I released my pain. It was truely amazing, but that's not what I want to talk about.. Not yet any way!

So this is how my story starts right, fridaynight I set up camp and then sat and wondered to myself " Am I the only one here with any morals?" And finally ended up going to bed way early just to get away. The next day was pretty good, I met this guy and spent the day hanging out with him and my other friends. That night was trade blanket, so I went and sat right behind my mother and older brother Manti, with my friend and just talked while we watched the trades. Nothing else happend, just talk and watching. Around 11 my mom got up and took my little brother to bed, I called good night and told her I'd be staying with Manti until trades were over! Around 12 midnight trades were starting to end, and Manti stayed so I just sat behind him and talked to my friend. Then people started coming up to talk to me, because of who I am! Then when they stopped I went to my tent and changed and whent to sleep, then just as I start to fall asleep I here my mom yell "WHERE IS SHE?" I'm the only girl in the family so I called out in here.... Then she called me out of bed and stood there and yelled at me, because she said she had no idea where I was and that NO BODY knew where I was!?! So I went back to bed after her yelling.

The next morning we got up and ready and Pa pulles me aside and explanned why I was in trouble the night before, he told me Manti knew where I was and that it was okay because I did nothing wrong and told me that mom said something about me talking but she never pays much attention to me so I got in trouble! Then the rest of the day went pretty well, I hung out with my friends and danced all day....

Close to the end of the day this guy cought my eye and we did this one song called the "Two step" it's a dance I don't get to do offten because no one wants to dance with me because of who I am. So I asked this guy to dance and he said yes ;-) Then we talked a while then he went home.

Well that one guy has called me almost every night now, then he asked me out and talked to my Pam but I did not get to know because he wanted to go Sunday and that don't work. So he said he'll come to church on the 19 with me because I'm suppost to sing UGH.

This week is stake conference so the first guy I spent all that time with and got into trouble with, he said he'll come to confernce and then he'll come to our ward halloween party with me.

So I spent the weekend with these two really good guys and now they want to come to church for me. I'm kinda glad too because one of them would be a really good memeber of the church. I know he would because of how he is! Plus my Pa really likes him, so you know....I'm gonna pray for help with both guys, and maybe they'll come to church more then once so I can hang out with them more!

Oh one of them told me he wants to an RM when he gets done with high school LOL I don't know what he meant but I thought that was funny.

Well now that I've finally got all this out, please comment!


Theres another Powwow the 18 so I'll get to relax and let my heart dance again! That's the most amazing feeling ever!

Comment by Catherine on Oct. 10, 2008 @ 07:42 am
Wow how exiting. Maybe you could get the two young men to come to church with you!

Your doing a great job, never loose hope... There are people out there who do LOVE you and really want to help get you past all the things bothering you. The Lord is one!

Keep up your good work, and never stop writing.