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Thu - Sep 25, 2008 : 11:20 am
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This weekend is a powwow, everybody knows I'm gonna be there! I'll be dacning until my legs give out, then I'll dance some more! Fancy shawl isthe BEST kinda of dance, I 'm  so able to be me and to be free , the feeling of the wind  in my hair as I bounce of the ground.... It almost feels like heaven!

This year knowing no was likely to come... AGAIN.. but I still invited some people and to my suprise most of them said they'd come. I don't want to set my heart on it 'cuz  it won't happen then. But I think my friend ( the I was supost to go out with) he said he come and last night we were texting back and forth and I really believe he'll come! He'll be the first friend to ever come and see me. My Young Women leaders said they will..... But we'll see

I'm really exited about it though, tomorrow I go and set up camp then it's time to powwow and dance! I can not wait!!!

I only wish it ws a little warmer, I'm freezing!


Camping down by the river... Ahhhhh I can feel it all now, my toes touching the ground faster then my heart and drum can beat. The sound of the river as it washes all my stress and hard feelings away with each wave.. Gosh I've waited for this all year! Now it's finally here and I get to let this world go and spend time with other Indians and other people who understand me.  The best part is, people leave me alone there because I'm who I am. I'll still have to pose for pictures and all that for other people. But I will have this weekend to just be me!

How great is this weekend gonna be? A M A Z I N G