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Thu - Oct 16, 2008 : 07:43 am
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Praying makes it better
I got the chance to go to work with my mom yesterday and help run the shop while doing some seminary when we had no people in the store. Around 3 I sat down at one of the desks and opend my books and the door bell rang and I got up since my mom was on the phone helping some one else, but the man went to some products that I have NO clue about so I was not not much help.. But I had this real stron feeling I needed to get my mom off the phone! But I left her alone and stood there with the man.

When mom finally got off the phone she helped him pick out what he wanted, started to ring him up. I grabbed a bag from under the counter and started filling it up and then I looked up and saw his eyes roll back into his head and he started to shake, mom pushed me and yelled for me to call 911 and I did then the man fell to the floor..... Mom took the phone away from me and yelled for me to go call the owner of the shop. As I got her on the phone I walked back into the room and see the man on the floor he's now going into huge convolutions and mom is freaking out and trying her best to get help! I ran back into the office and grabbed my herbs for my panic attacks, took some and headed back to mom. Now he's stopped shaking and this red stuff is coming out of his mouth, I watched mom go into a panic so I said a fast prayer and begged that the man would start breatheing and everything would be okay!  I ran out to the car that brought him, and found his mother and father and told them what was going on and they ran inside and started to get him under control! They got him breatheing again and took him outside as frietrucks and emts pulled up.

My mom had called my dad some time in all that and he was flying down there to get us, he got there and hugged my mom and we all watched the firetrucks pull away and we sat there shaking and mom was crying. I went back into the office and sat down in this chair and started to cry, but the owner came in and so I just shook myself and left the room. After we got the store picked back up ( when he fell he broke shelvs and products were everywhere and the store was a huge mess) Mom got sent home, so we loaded up and left!

Last night I went to church only for my seminary class and then left before YW meetings started! I was far more freaked out then I showed, it scared me to death and I can't get that sight out of my head. But Pa gave me a blessing last night so I know I'll be okay! I honestly think that my prayer helped the man. When we drove home I said another prayer to show my thanks to Heavnly Father for saving the mans life! I've only been scared like that one other time, when my younger brothers and I got shot at last year. I was scared one of those little boys would've gotten hurt... Since then I've learned a lot of things, but I think the most immportant thing would be " Prayer makes everything better" it got me through something every frightening and am I'm so glad that my Heavnly Father was there to hear my prayers!!