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Wed - Sep 24, 2008 : 07:08 pm
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Best friends?
This weekend is a big immportant PowWow and none of my friends have ever come before.  This some is very important to me,  so on Sunday in Young Womens I talked about it and asked every body to come ( Doubting any'd come) so I looked at my "bff" and said Will you come please? Every body is going to this party that's invite only ( I did not got an invite) so I really wanted fro her to come, tonight every body was wrapped up in the party and getting all exited. I felt SO left out standing out in the back!

My teacher says she'll come, but I don't think she will. I really want my best friend to come and support me you know, but tonight she told me she's not comming because she's going to this party, their not even friends. She can't stand the girl who's throughing the stupid thing! I can't help but to be upset, every body is blowing me off and it hurts.

PowWows are very special and only happen once or twice a year, is it too much to ask fro ANY of my friends to come and suport me and my family, it's only like 15 minutes away from them!

I wanna cry, I feel so unloved and unwanted. I hate being here and I hate dealing with all these people, I want to move so far away from any people that I'll never have to deal with this ever ever again!


I was doing SO good and got my self into service and was working on getting rid of all these feelings and deprestion.
But gosh it always comes back...

O well, I'll just go to the PowWow and relax and dance until my legs give out!

Who cares about any of these people?