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Sat - Sep 20, 2008 : 09:50 am
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Not happining
Well today I woke up and got dressed and all ready for my date. Then my mom came in and told me that I was not going the date unless he called to ask me... So I pretty much gave up on that! Then my cell phone rings and he said that he called my house but my Pa was on the computer so it not ring, I talked to him about where he wanted to meet and when because the fair grounds are like 10 minutes away from him, and almost an hour from me.

So I hung up and went to talk to Pa about it, then he say's that unless he comes down here and picks me up I ain't going. But see here the thing, it's an hour from his house to mine, then turn around and head to the fair, that's another hour. Two hours of driving, that's a lot of gas!

So yeah, my first date ani't happining! At least not that way.

I'm trying not to be upset, 'cuz I did think it would probly end us this way. But that don't make it any esier! ( I don't think I spelled it right)

But anyway, totday stinks! All my friends are texting andcalling and e-mailing me trying to figure out what's going on and I really don't feel like telling any of them that I can't go! You know how bad they'll all rag me? I don't want to lie, but I'll never live this down...

O well. I'll write letter.


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