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Fri - Sep 19, 2008 : 08:06 am
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Bad Dream
Last night I was depressed, I've been that way a lot. But last night I was ready to up and walk away, I went to my room and turned on the Raido and the song that was playing was so evil! The words were playing in my head over and over last night. Until something in my shut it off and just lay there crying!

I fell into a deep sleep, I dreamed about that time at church when we were packing everything up and my ex had come after me and forsed me to the ground..... But in my dream things ended up was difrent then then they did! In my dream I was not able to get away from him, and lets just say the intent that he had that night happend. When I woke up this morning I had over slept and my mother was standing over me and saying " Get out of bed, you have chores to get down! I said UP" So while recovering from my nightmare, my dad and brothers left me home alone. So now I kinda relax a little.


Yesterday my friend the one who asked me out, he asked that we go to the County Fair tomorrow and I'm trying to get exited, but not TOO exited! Because when I get exited or happy about someting........ It NEVER happens! I want to go, I really do. But I don't want my feelings to be hurt any more then they already have, if you know what I mean.


Well any way, please coment...


I'll write soon

Comment by PoeticIntensity on Sep. 19, 2008 @ 11:49 am
Hey, Koyote...

Not sure what exactly to write, other than this:  Keep your chin up.

I went through more than my fair share of heart-breaks when I was a teenager, and I tell you what.  Going through the pain of the heartbreaks was better than having never given my heart out at all.  If you keep it up, and learn from your mistakes, when you do eventually find that one person meant to be by your side forever, it takes all the pain of the past away.

I say get way excited about this date, but keep in mind that things may not work out.  Live the moment, and if things go wrong, then remember God loves you, and keep your eye out for the next opportunity.

Things can never go wrong for your whole life, if you're living right.  Things will eventually turn for the better.