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Wed - Sep 17, 2008 : 08:07 pm
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Asked Out
OK, so my family had this stupid wager about when I'd be asked out right.... Well I wagered 3 months, cuz you know I'm ME. But my family all wagerd two to the three weeks, I even had some guy wager! But I just stayed here and tryed to stay focused on my work, home work, yard work, house work all that junk. I started talking to my friend who've I've not talked to in forever and we talked EVERY DAY and I told him about my EX and he tried to cheer me up about him and make me feel better....  Then he sent me a little sticker thing on Myspace and siad it was spectial for me because he saw it and made him think of me. It was so sweet and pretty.

Well the other day we were talking and out of the blue he says " You wanna go out some time? We could double with some friends" AWWW how sweet, I grew up with him and he's liked me for 13 years. But I never thought he'd ask me out, gosh it supprosed me dude.

How freaky