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Thu - Sep 11, 2008 : 07:31 pm
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Why does this happen?
Why is it that when I try to make friends my Ex has to come in and mess things up? Theres this girl, she's got NO friends at church and from what I hear she ain't got none at school either. I wanted to be her friend, to give her some one so she end up like me, alone. She's a really great girl, but she don't just get it, I can't tell her about my ex and what he's done. I mean I want it to end and to just get over it!

She had to bring him up there day and said this me " Gosh, just let that go! I mean your not all that you think you are! He's over it and you need to stop talking about him, he's trying to be nice and he's so over you"

Yeah he's being nice, he tryed to freaking kill me twice, he did much worse but I don't want to talk about that! But why, I mean he went and spead it all around church that I'm a word that starts with an S ( I rather not say it) He went and hit my friend just because he's MY friend, he grabbed my BFF Brooke's butt because she's my friend. What is he doing this to me? What did I do? I broke up with him, the cops told him to stay away, the Bishop and stake President told him to staw away. My DAD told him leave me alone, why dose he want to mess up my life so bad?

Now this really great guy is spending time with me and trying to be a friend, but my Ex went and told him that I'm his and then told him all these lies about me and trying to push me away from him. But this other guy believes me he said, he said he'll stay by my side like he's done for the last  10 years.

I've prayed that something would come and bring my ex true happieness! But so far... Nothing.

Why is happening?


Please help.