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Sun - Sep 07, 2008 : 07:39 pm
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Miss Helen

I live beside a lady named Helen, her husband died two years ago. Manti goes over and helps her out a lot. Well one day he was off somewhere ( I don't know where) so I went up to help her, after I helped she asked me to go swiming with her in her pool. Of coruse I went ( what do you think I am... Stupid?

) While we swam we talked, she told me that her preacher stood up on Sunday and started talking all this crap about Mormons, like we worship the devil ( no he don't get a capatal!) and we eat other people ( did you know that's why we have big familys?) she said she told him that we are nothing like that. That she lives beside some and the kids go and help her out. I laughed and said yeah... every thanksgiving we BBQ my brother. 

After swiming I hopped on my bike and headed home. I was thinking " She's a mormon and don't know it yet!" She just is.

If only there was someone who could help show her the way

End of story? No. I've been thinking about her a

and today I jumped back onto my bike and went over, when I got there I knocked on the door and stood there.... When the door opend I was she was crying. I asked if it was a bad time, she said wiping the tears from her eyes " God sent you didn't he"

I walked in and sat down and she told me she was feeling very alone and missing her husband. It's two years this week since he died! I spent half an hour there before and asked if Manti and I would like to go to Franklin with her and see a project her art group was working on and then grab some pizza. ( Once again think I'm stupid?


We picked up Manti and left, watching her go from crying to laughing and enjoying herself made me feel really good! When we got to Pizza Hut she told Manti that for his eagle project gift she is taking me and him to Atlanta to see this big  aquarim and then we go and get lunch. But we do it while schools are in so theres not so many people ( Starting to like her yet?

) well we ate our pizza and Manti tried to pay for it but she would not let him lol.

As we pulled down my drive way she asked since I never drive, if I would like to drive her truck down the drive way ( Yess I told her about me driving off!) I was a little freaked about it, so she said " When you have that little whisper telling you not to do something. then you don't do it!" ( Gee I wonder what that whisper might be

)  She is so a Mormon. I know she is!

Although what really yelled at me while I was over at her house was, she took me into her guest bedroom and showed me this picture hanging on the wall. ( Just guess what it is. Go on guess

but you'll never get it) she had a picture on her wall of a temple! I don't know off the top of my head which one, but I know it was a temple. She said it just showed up on her pourch one day...Hmmmmmm

I did not do

but today since I've talked to the Elders about her and asked them about why I was always thinking about her. they gave me these little books about our church. One was called " The perpuse of life" I don't remember the other, they told me to pray and think about it and give her them. But not all at one time! So I did and on my way to her house I stopped by her mailbox ( which is far from her house) she's 65 so I thought I'd do something nice and get it for her... But I stuck one of the books in her mail and took it to her!

While I was there she told me that if my family needs a safe place to go t oin the storms that her door is always open to US. ( How great is this lady?)

I'm hoping that it touches her enough to get her to come to church whith us when I give my talk soon.

Since going out with her and Manti today, I think I know why I've been thinking about her! I feel really good about it too.