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Sat - Aug 23, 2008 : 02:19 pm
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I don't get 'em
Okay so two years ago this guy that I was so inlove with, kissed a chick right in front of me at Youth Confrence right.  That hurt  me a lot, but I let him go, but then he found me in a web site and and started talking to me, then his best friend (who is really cute) starts hitting on me and being all flirty and stuff, last night I went to go talk to him and he tells me " Yeah so I got a date with teh most amazing girl of my dreams tomorrow" Now I'm like all shut down..

Then this morning I'm on and he says " Nick wants to go out with you. He's trying to get the nerve to ask you out."

What am I suppost to think? I mean gosh!

I'm fine just forgetting about dates and getting on with me life!!!!


Loveless Idiot