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Mon - Aug 25, 2008 : 06:03 pm
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Butterfly of my heart

I wrote this the otherday. It's not really what I write a lot of, so I ain't too sure about it. Let me know what you think please.


I'm gonna let my hair fall down,
Sit and watch the rain
Come around.
Each drop is a beautiful sound...

Shut my eyes so
My heart can see,
All that your love dose to me.

Take my heart and fly away!
In the clouds I'll,
Always stay.

Just wait and see,
What the truth will be.
Just sit and wait with me!

Stand here and close your eyes,
Here's life,
It's your surprise.

Listen to the wind,
Let go and let you heart mend..

I'm gonna let my hair fall down,
Every time I see,
The sun come around.
Watch the rays hit the ground...

Shut my heart so I can see,
The beauty that surrounds me!