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Tue - Jul 29, 2008 : 11:59 am
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Personal Progress
So, about 9 months ago I finshed my personal progress. It felt amazing to have done it! Sunday at our Fireside they called me up infront of everybody, keep in mind theres a few hundred people there. Once I got up there they handed me a letter and told me how proud they all were.... So I go back and sit with my friends and brother!

 I got home and read the letter, one was from the the stake young womens president and the other..... Well it came from salt lake from the genral youngs womens president! I could not believe it. I mean they sent ME me of all people, I have a hard time mattering to the people HERE in my ward.

Now about 7 months since I was released from the Mia-Maids president, now I'm the Laurel pres. I really like my job because then I can help the girls to WANT to come. Theres this one girl, I ain't ever met her not even seen her. I called her yesterday and she seemed almost glad I did. I was so supprised! Maybe I can get her to come so I can meet her.