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Sun - Apr 20, 2008 : 08:04 pm
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Not good enough
I told you I love you,
And yet you broke my heart.
you had to run around,
Behind my back!
Now I'm sitting here,
I can't think of anyonelse!
But the one thing rings in my head,
Why was I never good enough for you?
How come I'm alone?
I wanted to give you my heart,
But you just can't be true,
Can you?
Now your running around,
Trying to make me fell,
That this pain will never heal!
O but it's far to real.
Why am I asking myself,
How come I'm not good enough?
Why have you broken my heart?
Why can't you love me,
Like I love you?
Why will I never be good enough,
For any one???
I wrote this the other day for a friend, who knew that today I'd be thinking those very same words. My poems have become more apart of me then I thought.
Comment by your friend on Apr. 21, 2008 @ 03:12 pm
that is a cool/sad poem u should keep on go to college become a writer its awesome