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Sat - Apr 19, 2008 : 08:35 pm
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South of happienss
Well today my maw had this big Womens class about an hour away from here. So me and my family took her up there and we spent the few hours at the mall :-) We don't go to the mall to much cuz it's so far away! But I ain't t so sure I like it all that much, I ain't a people person my self. But it's ok some times. While I was there some very funny things happend, one; my baby brother is about 2 and we were sitting out side this one store waiting on my Pa when teh baby pulls my hair and I hinched a little and this guy walking past thought I was winking at him. Then another one a bet older, was in the book store. I had the baby yet again so I was walking around looking for a few books I like, then I see this man leaning over the book looking at me ( not to sure I liked that) he looked a bet older then I'm confurtable with! So I hear over to the Horror books they call it, and I'm looking for a book when I look up to meet this mans eyes, I gave him a small half hearted smile and went right back, next I know a small shelve he's leaning on falls over. I walked over to help pick up all them books when I cought him trying to see when I turned around, so I just picked up a few and walked on. Then the next guy was about my age; I was watching over the second story class wall at somthing that was going on below, this boy and his father walk past and the boy flat ran into a wall. I tryed not to but I laughed.

Then we went back to pick up my Maw and her class had not gotten out yet. So we waited in the car for a while then went in! A while after we went in and had been seated beside my Maw and given a nasty salad, but my brother and I ate most of it, as much as we could any way. And some one walked over and put there arms around me! Like I said, I ain't a people person. So my first thought was " get off me!" but I turned to see who it was and guess who I saw....... The YW ( young womens) teacher who told my friend Brooke that I went around telling people she did bad things with a boy a few months ago. It was hard for me to smile. I know it's wrong, but I'm having a really really hard time with all this, she messed up what I had told her and messed up everything, then her sister in law my Yw ( young womens) pres yelled at me and did some things that she should not have. Any way back to the story. So I see my teacher and tryed to smile, she asked me in front of my paretns " You'r coming to church tomorrow right?" She did not wait for me to answer before she walked away. Then my other teacher, one who had nothing to do with my problems with the other teachers came up and hugged me. She was my favorite teacher until all this hapend and she would not even talk to me when I did try to talk to her. never knew why. She told me that she misses me at church and wanted me to come tomorrow.

I am planning on going tomorrow! Not sure I want to. But after all it's three months and I need to find a way to get over this. I'm still praying and asking for help dealing with it. I think my maw and my pa are tired of me talking about it, so I don't tell them how I feel! Some times it just ain't worth it.

Well I better go, church starts earily so I gotta get up real bright and earily, other wise my Pa gets either his wistel or his metal pot and spoon.... AAAAAHHHHHH laud! I got great ear " bat ears" I get told and both really really hurt. SO I better be on my way to bed.


"Trust not the man with the smile. For he might seek to bring your life light" A saying from a book a read, about a man who went around chearing people up. and fixing their lives.

Any way.


Why won't any of my writing on public?????????????
Comment by cmt_music_awards on Apr. 20, 2008 @ 01:12 pm
well the first part is kinda funny but the second part that yw teacher is weird i dont like and i dont even know her but i hope u had a good day at church and u have to wait like 2 or 3 hours 4 it to appear in public kk c ya kyote