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Sat - Apr 19, 2008 : 08:05 pm
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I can't believe this. Evansence my all time favorite band the band I LOVE, I heard someting from them today that I never thought would happen. I got a cd that I've wanted today, got it home and started listing to it. Then I heard Amy Lee say the f word! "That's not right!" I thought to my self 'cuz Evansence don't cus. So I jumped on line and read the words to this song " Thoughtless" because I had hopes that my  so called "Bat ear" were wrong. But you know what I found........ She cussed four times I think in that song. The f word was three of those times! I can't belive it. I thought that Evansence was the one good rock band, they always seemed to sing about things that I could not say yet I felt all to real. 
My Pa he told me that "Evansence would turn out to be just like all the other bands, start off good at nice. But then the ywould drop from the top and start doing things they never did to get back on top." Man I really wanted to prove him wrong, my life is music! All I ever do is leston to music, write music, sing. I'm never with out some sort of music around me.

I was Evansence ( Amy Lee) biggest fan. I was posters, tons of cd, pictures, back grounds, screen savers, you name it I got it. I really really love Evansence! But I never thought she'd cuss. In all fareness the song belongs to this other band named Korn, I hate that band! Their trash if you ask me. But she still choose to cuss her self.
In my mind that's the same as writing the song, because if your gonna say then you said it.

They really let me down today. All I wanted was to get this off my chest.

Evansence, you may have just lost your bigest fan!



I keep trying to make this public but non of 'em are going. HhHhmmm let this work...
Comment by ur friend on Apr. 21, 2008 @ 03:42 pm
dats y i listen to country

Comment by Terisa on Jul. 13, 2008 @ 03:14 pm
I love it