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Fri - Apr 18, 2008 : 09:37 pm
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My poem
It's a new day,
And so I must fight.
Fight for my right live!

As time gose on,
I know my suffering will be small.
But why must I stuggle at all?

Time will go on,
And soon I'll be,
Just another scar on your heart.

Am I so  alone?
My sadness and pain,
I'll never show.

But will time go on for me?
Can there be light behind my sorrow?
These things I may never know,
because love,
You just can't show!

As the sun shines down,
On your sweet little life,
I hope you know;

It never heals the pain!

Time will go on for you.
This we know is true.
But can I be without you?

Am I so lost?
my heart I'd give,
But at what cost?
I fear now,
All is lost!

But time will go on.
Time will go on for me!

I wrote this peom about a week ago. If that, and I wanted to share it with y'all. I hope you like it. because writing is my love. I ain't that good at it, but it's what I do. :-) And maybe one day I'll put more of my poems in here. But till then.....
Comment by cmt_music_awards on Apr. 20, 2008 @ 12:54 pm
i love the poem and u dont have to say cmt_music_awards i can tell u my name if u want but only if u want but do u know a country song that goes


cause im flat on da floor with my head down low...........