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Fri - Apr 18, 2008 : 08:35 pm
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Long long day
Today has been ok I guess.. My Maw and I stayed in the house all day and cleaned, while the boys worked in the yard. I hate "womens work"!!!! I rather be out side, but of corse I can't.

I'm tired!!! Tomorrow I'm suppost to skip out stake sports day and  go with my Maw to this womens class thingy, I'm hoping that some one I know from the stake will be there ( a guy perhapes) I get along with guys far better then girls, girls get on my nerves!  Their so pushy and laud and just bug me some times. So I really hope it's a guy :-)

My ex-boyfriend has been begging me to join him as a friend on this web site, but I keep saying no. I wonder if he'll ever  leave me alone...... It ain't been two full years since I told him for the very last time to leave me be! He's a  big dumb dumby head.

I've figured out a way to find out for myself if JDepp1 is really johnny Depp. But it's gonna involve a lot of trickes *EG*  It's somthing not to many people care to know, But I do so I hope it works!

I feel so alone. Abandoned and forgotten, lost and uncared for. Brooke never answers me and I called her twice and she did not call me back, all my other friends don't really seem to be real. Well theres this one Sara, but she ain't really a friend. She's my sister!!!! We have this close bond that could never be changed, when I feel the way I do now she always finds me, it's like she knows I'm feeling this way. Some times I feel like she needs me ( she's the only one who ever needs me) and I call then. I never have told her that's why I call ;-)  I feel like she's always beside me! I even ask myself some times " What would Sara say to me if she could see me?"  She'd hate it to find out I feel so alone, but she's going through a hard time herself and has to do something she don't want to so I've kept it from her, I've tryed to only tell her happy things. The thought of her moveing so far away is hard, I'm real worried about her. 'Cuz she has a good life here and we both know we'll probly never see each other again after this. But I'm planning on supprising her with something is october :-) sssshhhhhh don't tell. B-)  It's gotta be a supprise. By guy friend at church.... He say a picture of her from the last time we saw each other and he was in love with her lol she is really REALLY pretty !

Well it's real late and tomorrow I got to get up real earliy so I go. I'll write more later.

"They'll never see, I'll never be....."

"I hide behind a smile, as this life takes it's tole." 


Comment by your friend on Apr. 21, 2008 @ 06:37 pm
hey was up my sister says hi but im really  really really am srry abbout the breyer thing well c ya