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Thu - Apr 17, 2008 : 07:53 pm
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Life for a southern girl
I've been talking to Johnny Depp, but one night while talking to him I saw this other girl post him telling him that she hates his singing and that he's fake. For about four days she just bashed him then I got to thinking; what if he ain't the real Johnny? I tryed looking at what he might have said to her, but I can't. If it ain't the REAL Johnny then he knows a hole lot about him and went in side his house. But I also know everything Mr JDepp1 knows too. It ain't hard to find out things about a famous person.

I am really tired of guys! My ex-boyfriend ( I broke up with him two years ago for cheating on me)  he has been e-mailing non stop and begging me to be his friend in this site where I talk to Johnny Depp. I've said no three times to my ex. He's done and said things in the past that where..... Lets just say wrong. and I rather not talk to him! 
But now he's e-mail my bestfriend, and I fear he's getting on her nerves. She is the BEST person to ever live, she is nice, kind, loveing and the prettyest girl ever! She is so strong in her faith that when I fall I call her and she builds me back up! And she's such a great person I ain't sure if she'd tell me if he did something, or said something. If he did, :-) Well lets just say he'd wake up very VERY far away! 
He is making SO much trouble for me again. I told him two years ago to leave me alone. But he's hard headed I guess.

Another thing, I saw something bad at YC and heard things about the person behind it, I told my yw teacher and thing went bad from there! About a week later I was in the bishops office telling my side of the story again....... Then right after my friend pulled me out and fussed at me telling me I was wrong and nothinging happend and I had to walk away. Then I started crying because I knew inside what was happing with my friend. My mother pulled me out to ask me what happend to make ME cry, then my yw pres came running out and found me and my mother by our car talking, she grabbed me by the sholders and told me "All this drama has to stop! You've told so many difrent stories to 50 millon people and now I can't believe anything you say." My mother then jumpt in and told her how I only talked to two people and gave the same story to both. Then I was pushed in the car and got on the phone to my father, then my yw pres got in the car with me and started yelling again, this time my father heard what she was saying to me....... That was in Janaury, it's been months and I don't speak to any of my yw leaders any more, I did NOT lie to any one and would not lie about anything as serice as that! 
Now that things have calmed down some what I still don't talk to any of them, and don't want to. But going to church is still very hard for me. I don't feel welcome in the one place I always thought to be a place of safety and refuge, I am having a really hard getting over this. I prayed for half an hour one night begging that my hate for them would be taken ( because I hated them so much it was consuming me) and I don't hate any of them any more. But still, I can't step in the front door. What should I do?? I really need help!

This is just a little of what my life is likie..... The rest may or may not make it here.

"Take life one step at a time"
Comment by winko9 on Apr. 18, 2008 @ 02:55 pm
    My lovely maiden,

Thank you so much for the compliments.  You have no idea how much they and you mean to me.  All of the trials in life are just a part of life's test.  Everything you said I am you are too.   Heavenly Father loves you.  He wants you to enjoy life and to do your best.  Remember to be positive.   I love you, my sister.  Love,


"Keep Holding On"
Comment by amber93245 on Apr. 18, 2008 @ 03:11 pm
about the johnny depp thing just ask him something u know he wouldnt know if he wasnt really johnny depp..........the bf thing just handle it the way u think best........and the last thing i dont know wat yw is but i can say that it seems very hard on u if u could u should try to xplain to them how u feel and that they had no right to tell u off(yell)



(what time i am in need of help i put my trust in thee lord jesus)
Comment by cmt_music_awards on Apr. 19, 2008 @ 06:52 pm
thanx ur advice did help u rock and keep on keeping on without lettin nobody turn u round