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Tue - Apr 15, 2008 : 07:00 pm
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So today has been about like my normal day..... But Johnny Depp's last post to me has left me kinda sad! Talking to him has been rough on me, 'cuz teh most famous person I talk to is the stake pres. But Johnny is a huge movie star and having him talk to me is kinda hard. My hands don't work when I try to reply to him, I can't spell, and what do I even say to him??????? We've been talking for about five days and last night he added me to his friends list. So todays was not one I wanted to read!
He told me that " If ya eveer see me, then I'll be more then happy to sign anything or take pictures." so is that a no?

My birthday is coming up fast. No so excited about it. I had this really cool plan for my "BIG sweet 16" but it ain't gonna happen. My plan was to have a party on the beach, but every one is ditching me! Brooke is spending three months surfing in callie, Sara is moving, Rachel is going yet again to saltlake. The only people that are going to be in town are Ben and Bradley, soooooo not gonna. I mean just them that would be bad!

I'm trying to answer Johnny Depp now, I don't know what to say. I guess I'll wait some more!

Manti came home and told my family about the scouts making him redo his paper work. Their making him do a lot of the same stuff over again, they way things are going it looks like to him that he'll never get his eagle. he's only got a month and the new scout master dose not like him so he has to do every thing again....... Why are we so hated? 

I still have not gotten over the y.w. leaders doing what they did! I know I should just let it go, but they called me a lair, broke my only friendship, and not on leader will talk to me. They would not tell me about the gold and green ball so I missed it. I can't go to prom because I birth day in month after it........ GGGGGRRRR

I'm so bored................................................. 

Mom gave me some herbs because I've so sad and stressed out. They helped me a little but I'm still depressed!


Well... I'm gonna go.

Write back soon.


Comment by winko9 on Apr. 16, 2008 @ 10:02 am
     Hello!  Do you recognize the name I have mesa? Have you talked to Johnny since we lasted talked on the phone?   You never know how your 16th birthday will be.  Maybe instead of having a big blow out party you could go on a date with Neil or someone.  Your first date!  I think that would be fun.  What do you think?  

comment on my entry plz.