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Mon - Dec 24, 2007 : 12:46 pm
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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints- a poem
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
We believe other lands had visits from Christ.
They saw signs in the heavens, they knew His name.
He taught them, they felt His wounds, He dried their eyes.
The Book of Mormon testifies that He came.
We're Christians otherwise nicknamed “The Mormons”.
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints-
And our missionaries can teach you lessons.
But, you can read on if you have time constraints...
Here are some facts to introduce us to you...
The Lord's Church was restored in 1830.
We've priesthood, apostles, and a prophet, too.
Our pioneers frontiered and proved we're sturdy.
We've members in 176 countries
With 13 millions members, we are rising.
We don't smoke, drink alcohol, coffee or teas.
We've unpaid clergy, we serve and pay tithing.
Faith in God
We believe that God is our Heavenly Father.
And we are literally His spirit offspring.
That's why our names start with brother and sister.
And why the gospel has a familiar ring.
We worship our Savior, our Lord Jesus Christ .
We try to be like Him, we pray in His name.
Those with priesthood are authorized to baptize.
Through total immersion we're never the same.
Every Monday night's reserved for the family.
Where we'll teach each other, sing, pray and have fun.
We're known for having practiced polygamy.
Biblically restored, then abandoned, now shunned.
As families, we attend Sunday services.
We instruct each other using the scriptures.
In temples we perform sacred ordinances.
That seals families committed to their futures.
Fruits of the Gospel
The Savior said, “By their fruits, ye shall know them.”
For our Lord, we want to be in His image.
To be healthier, we have the Word of Wisdom.
In love, we've a divorce rate below average.
We've shown our excellence in education
Missionaries surpass in the languages,
They're paying their own way, it's not a vacation
With compassion, we serve and share from wages.
This Was Simple and Short
These are a few thoughts, that come straight from the heart.
May these words build a bridge of understanding.
So together we'll rise up and make a new start.
Let's seek for the good, with friendships outstanding.
If you're still wanting to know a little more
Our doors stand wide open, as the Lord calls you.
You're what our missionaries hoped and trained for.
To witness that for man Christ died and lives too.