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Mon - Dec 24, 2007 : 09:20 pm
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merry christmas
Merry Christmas Dear Latter-Day Saints

Merry Christmas
I greet you wherever you may be
as members of a church family
Tonight we pay homage to our Lord.
Born in a stable. Loved and adored.
He who'd been the creator of this earth.
Condescended to a humble birth.
And, thus we have the gift of Christmas.
This the greatest of all enigmas.
His life and death mean so very much.
He calls out to all to heal with His touch.
How grateful we of this church should feel.
We've the fullness, we of Israel.
We've a Latter-Day witness, He lives.
We are blessed with the comfort this gives.
On this glad night we'll lift our voices.
Till the heavens hear and too rejoices.
Based on words by our prophet Gordon B. Hinckley

Born in a Stable
Born in a stable
Cradled at birth
He alone able
To save the earth
He but a child
Of humble birth
He meek and mild
Would show us worth

A Babe for Joseph and Mary
A babe for Joseph and Mary.
A lamb to be raised so pure.
A king with burdens to carry.
Our Lord with much to endure.
A babe that nuzzles and slumbers.
A lamb to be without spot.
A king, whose blessings outnumber.
Our Lord, our sins to be bought.
A Glorious Season
In each of us lies a piece of childhood.
Where bliss and wonder is best understood.
We revel with much fun at Christmas time.
Amongst tinseled presents some yours, some mine.
But there is something else, something better.
As we sit with our families together.
And we read the fascinating story.
Of our Lord's birth, ministry and glory.
When God's great love for us has been measured,
His priceless gift stands alone most treasured.
To us was given the Mighty Prince of Peace.
And may our love for Him only increase.
And so at this Christmas season, we sing.
With praise and gratitude, with hearts softening.
Let us be more generous to spread His love.
Peace and wonder. We ponder what's above.
-President Hinckley

Behold Your Little Ones
Parents behold each child
Who wonder with joy mild
When they see the new babe.
How still then they behave.
Love them, teach them, respect them,
Pray with them and for them.
They are your piece of heaven
To lift up and to leaven.
They have sensitivity
For our Lord's nativity.
Sing to them of Jesus.
Share the Light of Christmas.
Love them, teach them, respect them,
Pray with them and for them.
Let them feel of your sweet love
And God's love, pure, from above.

They're soon our rising future
Lead them to paths that endure.
Be your best example.
Tread softly, don't trample.
Love them, teach them, respect them,
Pray with them and for them.
They can reach heights with God's strength.
To grow in depth, breadth, and length.
-President Hinckley
A Season for Angels
Come the season that is Christmas
And speak of the angels sent to earth
They came to announce and witness
All the events of our Savior's birth.
Come the season that is Easter
And speak of the angels sent to earth.
They came to announce and witness
All the events of our Lord's rebirth.
They announce each dispensation
And send miracles with frequency
Now as angels we must station
It's time to serve with more fervency.
I'll be an angel of mercy
With the strength as one who's been reborn
I will tend to those most in need.
And mourn with those who grieve and mourn.


Heav'nly Father's work rolls forward.
We're privileged to be His miracles.
As we teach whom to lean toward
God qualifies those whom He calls.
Each must rise to the occasion
With much thought to those in need of aid.
There's a plea for God's compassion
As now nears the Great and Dreadful Day.
- Elder Bateman