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Fri - Dec 14, 2007 : 11:40 pm
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poetry one
Poetry by Kelly Miller
THis is dedicated to my son Shawn VanWagen who left on his mission in 2005 and that next week I started writing poetry. It has been a big part of my life since and has kept me very busy.  Also, to President Hinckley and his challenge for the members to read the book of mormon. and to Bernice Hutchenson who encouraged me along and wrote to general authorities. and to my husband who has helped me to print a book of poetry to give to the prophet. and who introduced me to poetry in our courtship. i did not know that i would take on writing it myself until I woke with a song in my head one morning.  I am thankful to have  bernices beautiful intro that is in the book to the prophet.  it is more valuable that my book. and to my mom- it was in her house and solitude that it all began.
Pioneers learned from a rock 10
The Atonement 14
On A Night 16
God's tender mercies 18
Here's a Small Secret 19
We Are the Freedom Fighters 21
Building an Eternal Home 23
There's Magic in Hearing from Someone Far Away 24
The Caravan Moves On 27
There's a Force 29
When the Rain Comes Down From a Darkened Sky 34
Dear Heavenly Father, We Ever Pray to Thee 35
We Must Be Born Again 37
The Shepherd of Israel 39
The Tongue of Angels 40
This Day 42
The Salt Lake Temple 45
Thou Who Knows Of All Suffering 46
Oh Be Wise 48
In A Day That's Lacking Restraint 49
Life's Lessons Learned 51
Meekness 55
An Unending Conflict, a Victory Assured 57
Point of Safe Return 59
Here and Now 62
The Light of Christ 63
Our Solemn Group 65
I am surrounded by worldiness. 66
All My Heart 72
A Planted Seed 73
How oft do angels attend me? 74
Nephi Prayed 76
Prayer 77
A moment intense 78
The Peril of Hidden Wedges 79
The Spiritual Gift of Being Quick to Observe 81
Our Inspired Constitutions 83
Miracles of Faith 86
The Law of the Fast 88
This Sunday has come at last to humbly pray 89
This Sunday has come at last to humbly pray 89
We Have Joy in Bad Works 90
The Greatest Miracle of All 93
A Life Slips Away 94
The Root of Christian Doctrine 95
There’s a Light Which Shineth 98
There’s a Light 99
God’s Tender Mercies 101
We May Know 102
Our Solemn Group 104
Expressions of the Spirit 105
A Dark Season 106
There is a Time 108
A Tiny Seed 110
Tree of Life 112
Let Us Be More Prayerful 114
His Truth Can Lead Us 115
We Resolve 118
An Inspired Song of Prayer 120
We need preparation, inspiration 125
Faith to Move Mountains 126
The greatest pickup line ever made. 127
Imagine the Day 129
The Magical Hours 131
Talk with me, Sweet Angel 132
The Proposal 133
October 1998 134
the kelly drug 134
come gaze at the moon 135

We set aside, knowing we'll be blessed.
With faith, we let the Lord do the rest.
And we are filled with peace, when someday there's despair.
Now is our time to prepare.
Blessings come as we obey.
We learn a debt of gratitude as we
Pray for self-reliance.
In His name.
We put God first, by paying tithing.
We're grateful that our faith is rising.
We're building protection from what may be tempting.
Without the Lord we're empty.
(With the Lord first we've plenty)
Blessings come as we obey.
And with a debt of gratitude we do pay.
To Him who insures our way.
Compassion lies within each of us.
To those with less we're generous.
With things we can afford, or with things we have stored.
These are as gifts from the Lord.
Blessings come as we obey.
And with a debt of gratitude we can share.
For Him, we give and show we care.
A stone has rolled in the latter days
To break the world of its darkened ways.
Twas started in an obscure place
And now extends to the human race.
A stone represents revelation,
Restoration, and elevation.
Twas fashioned without tool or hand
To break tendencies that destroys man.
The stone is the solid strength of God
He rules and reigns with the iron rod.
If we turn our hearts toward Him
He'll show us how to become a gem.
Pioneers learned from a rock
When the towers babbled, Moriancumer did pray.
Four years they set up camp, much content the Northward Way.
Then he led without prayer, and was rebuked to remorse.
Twas time for eight vessels to take an uncharted course.
When a light was needed, he prayed the rocks would be bright.
This Prophet then did learn that prayers' faith brings treasured sight.
Pioneers need much faith, to find their promised land.
They need to remember, to seek the help of God's hand.
When Israel did thirst, Moses could not ignore it.
The Lord did take his stand, above the rock of Horeb.
Moses obeyed with faith; once again he used the rod.
Once again Israel saw, the lifesaving power of God.
We should stand on the rock, and look towards our Savior.
Then we'll best benefit, from his life giving favor.
Pioneers need much faith, they know on whom they depend.
They learned repeatedly, that the desert's not their friend.
Bountiful was heav'nly, after an eight year long walk.
But, they'd much more to go. Nephi melted tools from rock.
Laman and Lemuel tried to throw him out to sea.
If Nephi was found dead they thought that they would be free.
But, the Lord did shake them. And they helped to build the ship.
Set for the Promised Land, 'cross the ocean as their long trip.
Our Pioneers are taught through faith. A rock contains the tools,
For curious workmanship, if they'd but apply the rules.
When the saints were expelled, they tracked the mountainous trail.
Though starved and though frozen, with handcarts they would not fail.
They crossed at Sweet Water, with three young men as their bridge,
Then faced a two- mile wall. They climbed up the Rocky Ridge.
Exhausted and dying. Their faith was not based in vain.
Brigham Young sent rescue. Soon new saints could come by train.
Pioneers need much faith. Twas on a rock they prayed.
Twas at the height of pain. They were rescued and were saved.
Pioneers need much faith and are taught by a great stone.
They seek to find Zion, with God, no longer to roam.
Twas only possible by faith in God of this earth,
Who is our Savior. Who died to give all rebirth.
His suffering was the key. The atonement turned the lock
To final'ty of death. He 'rose from a tomb of rock.
Now we are each waiting, for his glorious return.
He'll stand on the cleaved rock. The Great Day for which we yearn.
Sweet little baby Jesus with tiny hands and feet,
Turned his head towards me, I knew our eyes would meet.
No other night in hist'ry can compare.
He looked in my heart with his wide eyed stare.
I saw the answer to prayer.
I saw the answer to prayer.
Sweet little baby Jesus lies below a bright star.
Now I understand why I traveled so far,
To see the promised son born of Mary.
A humble birth yet extraordinary.
The star pointed down on earth.
And, angels proclaimed his birth.
Sweet precious lamb unspotted and without blem,
Born among nature's sweet, to sacrifice for men.
He will pay the price for man from the fall.
And be the Savior for one and for all.
Here lays our shepherd to greet.
The animals lie at his feet.
In a world that's bound in sin he came to purify.
He came to give new birth this child meek and mild.
His birth was to show of father's great love.
The long awaited gift from above.
I saw the answer to prayer.
I saw the answer to prayer.
As the shadows of night flee, the spirit speaks to me,
That I saw divinity, as a sweet baby.
The Atonement
Our dear Redeemer secured anchors for our safe ascent.
Below all, He suffered solo as He'd been sent.
Our Redeemer will belay, be our guide on our way.
He knows all that we do crave.
To the Father His paths do pave.
He extends torn hands to all to save us from the fall,
If we simply listen to Him and head His soft call.
In time the endless paths we face we'll safely clear,
If we seek His guidance and keep all the required strong gear.
The Atonement Can Secure Our Peace and Happiness, as He anchors Gods' love inside each one of us.
With Gods' own plan as His focus, as His sole compass.
He came to satisfy sheer justice and to strengthen us.
As the innocent lamb He came, His pure life was slain.
From all sin He did refrain,
To gain more than all of our pain.
He came to conquer all thereof mankind’s devoid of.
And show us the perfect love of Father above,
If we center our lives on Jesus the Christ.
We'll find peace throughout our climb and then sweet eternal new life.
The Atonement Can Secure Our Peace and Happiness, as He anchors Gods' love inside each one of us.
He knows all the slips each man can make when we Him forsake.
And we think our own paths to make, though the wrong we take.
For tender mercies yet bound can place us safely sound.
He's tried and secured the ground.
As once we were lost, we are homeward found.
To endure the climb, we need the rod for pressing up,
Towards Him who knows of us and drank the bitter cup.
His knowledge lifts our spirit, if we but hear it.
And be Christ-like inherent, praying through His good merit.
The Atonement Can Secure Our Peace and Happiness, as He anchors Gods' love inside each one of us.
Richard G. Scott
On A Night
On a night where light shone down from the bright skies,
A town was burdened by kindred’s' with long ties.
And last to arrive: Joseph and Mary.
In labor she's pressed. Soon she should not tarry.
Yet God provides. He'd prepared for them a warm manger.
Of a kind keeper who would welcome a stranger.
Wonder of wonders on this eve,
The babe from heav'n soon here to be.
On a night where light shone down from the bright skies,
The sheep and Joseph alone hear her birth cries.
And first to be born when there was no room.
A small babe had struggled to leave its safe womb.
God did provide, a place for the babe from the nights chill,
Where all could welcome the babe quiet and still.
Oh night of nights a humbling sight,
The Christ child under bright star light.
On a night where light shone down from the bright skies,
The angels came down to announce Jesus Christ.
The least to be first, the first to be last.
And a star burst forth and on the babe it did cast.
For God had prepared. The lights did direct shepherds witness.
The babe lay asleep on this night of sweet bliss.
Wonders of wonders so sublime
One could hear angel’s trumpets chime.
On a night where light shone down from the bright skies,
Far from the east came men noble and most wise.
They paid tribute to our new born king.
And on camel’s backs: three great gifts did them bring.
And God prepared. The nights had clear skies for them to chart.
They knew the distance to travel from the start.
A king a king is born this night
The gifts had to be just right.
As we watch the stars shine bright in the night skies.
We think of that star and then try to devise.
All that occurred that night so long ago.
When a star light shone and made the babe aglow.
We can prepare a kind place to ponder in our hearts
And honor His birth; he'll lead us to fresh starts.
Prepare, prepare inside your heart,
On this day near New Year to start.
God's tender mercies
Gods' tender mercies flowing down like rain.
Lighten our burdens as they ease our pain,
Giving us hope and guidance from above.
Gods' tender mercies fill our lives with love.
When we're discouraged thinking all is lost.
Our older brother knows of all the cost.
He'll guide us to the narrow way to heaven.
He'll lift us up as does the breads' leaven.
Here's a Small Secret
Here's a small secret of what some nights I do.
I close my eyes with the light on, I feel warmth too.
There's a grin on my face and my heart sings.
Thoughts of God’s love bring joyous feelings.
These are my small Godly meetings.
For I want to feel His presence is near.
We'll this is my small secret that I hold dear.
I've warm feeling from that light on, I shed a tear.
With thoughts of His love I almost can see Him,
While choirs of Angels are singing hymns.
These are my small secret anthems.
And with angels' praising hymns I do hum.
The Light of Christ's been in man through all the years.
I know that the Savior helps me. This calms my fears.
The stars, moon and sun denotes there is a God.
If you look skywards you'll also nod.
There is a light bright in the night.
And I'll trust Him to help me do what's right.
He brightens my sight.
The honeybees track bright flowers by the sun.
As God's Angels serve and help we follow just one.
The tallest trees can watch the sun all day long.
If you have high goals, you can't go wrong.
So, remember you're of great worth.
And you have been loved since before you're birth,
And prepared for earth.
So, if you like to sleep with the night light on
Try my secret when nights begun.
Dream of the Son.
And picture Angels brighter than the noon day.
And of their kind message they would say.
If angels should visit your room.
They would look as though they'd swallowed the moon.
I'm married to a man with a real long arm.
He'll reach to turn off the bed light.
He's full of charm.
He'll kiss my cheek and whisper, “Night, I love you”.
He's in my dreams of peaceful rest too.
When my eyes close for the last time,
This loving kiss tells me that he's mine,
Sealed beyond time.
We Are the Freedom Fighters
There is North, South, East and West,
And when I am facing north.
I am lined up with the earth.
I'll salute the flag thus forth.
Its stripes point from East to West.
The sun rises from my right.
This is where our laws are formed.
They were founded on God's light,
By settlers of other lands.
Who for freedom pledged to fight.
Our flag is red, white and blue.
Just what do their colors mean?
Red is the badge of courage.
Much blood has been shed for me.
Of those who enlist to prove,
They’re white with integrity.
They are patriots of heart.
They do stand with dignity.
Under skies blue united,
Vowed to protect liberty.
With a hand upon my heart,
I know that I too must vow.
For when I look at the stars,
Down on earth they seem to bow.
They're as eyes that look at me.
How they twinkle with wisdom,
On our corner of the earth.
Leading men from each kingdom,
Who came here to prosper in
Our country of freedom.
We represent all the earth.
We've responsibility,
To serve all our fellow man.
To each man's ability.
We need more freedom fighters.
And together we must stand.
We are founded on God's laws.
We must all righteously band.
We have men from ev'ry land.
We must give and lend a hand.
Building an Eternal Home
The home is the basis of a righteous life.
And no other instrumentality can take its place.
A home is founded by love, respect and sacrifice.
Our thoughts and deeds, and how we live, can build a founding base.
Our homes can withstand the rains of adversity.
The home can be built for eternity.
A home is a house of order and of prayer.
If divided against itself it shall not, can not stand.
A house of order can be a bit of heaven here.
A house that's wise is built upon the rock and not the sand.
Our homes can withstand the floods of opposition.
We each can improve our disposition.
We must learn our duty, act with diligence.
The service we perform can have eternal consequence.
We cannot afford to skip heavenly assistance.
We pray as we step up to serve with more obedience.
Our homes can withstand the turbulent winds of doubt.
The home is what our service is about. Thomas S. Monson
There's Magic in Hearing from Someone Far Away
There's magic in hearing from someone far away.
Time fades as you listen to loving words they say.
All our thoughts blend as though two hearts can speak as one.
We are as breathless as though a victory was won.
To hear their voice none worry of the cost.
We're trying to make up for time that we have lost.
We'll feel joy so high as though by angel’s wings we are tossed.
When prayers are said do angels delight and bear a record?
How oft we forget to show our God, He's adored.
The angels know some of what awaits me and more.
Do they wish Id pray to Him who does wait at my door?
It seems that there’s no limit to shared love.
Once inside our hearts, love's meant to travel above,
From where heavenly love gently descends as though a dove.
I say a prayer in faith,
To Him who can erase.
And wipe away my tears,
For all the wayward years.
When I struck out on my own.
How bad Id get was unknown.
I want serenity.
A good name, dignity.
Help me to face my lies.
And connect broken ties.
I want beyond all the pain.
I've wasted years with my shame.
With one choice it began.
From repentance I ran.
I seek the long road back.
Alone the strength I lack.
I pray for help on my way.
For good habits that will stay.
Help me to do they will.
I have a void to fill.
I want to be my best.
And put my past to rest.
The world is so vast with good.
Please help me to be as I should.
My prayer is filled with faith.
Please grant me vision and grace.
A child of God I am wanting.
Help me see that life's not daunting.
Please take my doubts and cast them away.
For these things continually I pray.
Turmoil is full of lies.
Grant me strength to seek the wise.
Who's filled with compassion and love.
Whose counsel comes from God above.
And while the kiln is still burning strong,
Please witness that to Thee I belong.
Please cast my fears aside.
The Holy Ghost is my guide,
Comforting me through this trial.
I then feel loves gentle smile.
When I obey there is much to gain.
And gratitude sees past all the pain.
A leader can sustain.
And Bishops can lift earth stains.
Call me to rise above my needs.
For others I will bend my knees.
And as a ward, we will serve, and grow.
Together of Thee we'll come to know.
The Caravan Moves On
Do I worship God who created earth and space?
Do I put Him first as He fills my life with grace?
Do I think on Him? Is His countenance on my face?
As His disciple, will I pass the test?
Humbling serving Him, have I done my best?
The Lord's Caravan moves with captains all in place.
Though there are vicious dogs that snap at heels to chase.
His caravan grows, and moves at its' appointed pace.
The church will triumph. Though there are predators.
Lurking to confuse weary travelers.
Am I enduring? This is the life that I craved?
With fear and trembling, only valiant saints are saved.
With God's attributes, I will keep on the path Christ paved,
There are ravines to cross and steep grades to climb.
His oxen are strong, His teamsters are wise.
Although hell does rage and some try us and defame.
Prophet Joseph Smith- I will honor his good name.
Powers and priesthood and seers for the latter-day.
Though the storms may rage, Caravan move on.
Floods may wash the bridge. Such is life. Move on.
Have I kept the faith? Have I tried with all my might?
Do I spend my days with love of life, full of light?
Do I please my God? Serving purposely day and night?
We've much more to go- rivers we must ford,
To a celestial place, resting with our Lord.
Bruce R. McConkie-
There's a Force
The son of the morning was cast from God's presence.
The heavens wept o'er him and there was sadness.
He's practiced at persuading others to him.
He took with him a third of the hosts of heaven.
Now he's the bad force bent to destroy us.
He's ever expanding. He's ever devious.
He's smart from experience and not from skill.
His lies will blind men until captive to his will.
He seeks to be in control, his own purpose to fulfill.
He will try incitements and use deceitful ways.
Pretense and sophistries, he weaves in last days.
All is well we prospereth, so all is well”.
He says as he leads man carefully down to hell.
Now he's a lion seeking whom he may devour,
Ever wanting glory, dominions, power.
We say “get thee hence, Satan, Imitator.
We refuse to hear your entreaties any more.
We pray for the day you're gone. And your dominions by force.”
The devil cites scripture, if it suits his purpose.
The more we draw to God; he's there to thwart us.
The minute the Saints revolt, what comes from God.
He'll take a hold and have us singing his ballad.
We need to be sober and vigilant this day.
As in the Lord's work we anxiously engage.
We can and do roll back bad input on us.
Through our brother and Savior, our Lord Jesus.
Through him we hold God's priesthood.
We hold God's powers in trust.
We're given gifts from God. We can have discernment,
If we live to obey all God's commandments.
Although Satan knows to sins' our tendency,
He has no real authority, we've agency.
He has no real power, unless we permit it.
A wicked spirits' bound, by law and limit.
We can resist him more than we now realize,
If we heed the counsel of those who do preside.
And allow the Holy Ghost to be our companion and guide.
A wolf in sheep's clothing, He's a thief in the night.
He'll send plagues and break hearts. He'll try to snuff life.
Yet, he needs our bodies for all they can do.
We can render him powerless, if we've faith to.
There is no soul that's safe. That he would not destroy,
For he has legions under his employ.
They are the masters of speech, and they whisp'reth.
There is not a hell or a devil,” they flatt'reth.
Of this they'll persist to way beyond the umptieth.
We must warn young people of his sly devices.
Before they succumb to his vain entices.
He'll seek to divert them from their future path.
He'd like to hold us within his fingerless grasp.
We have our strong bodies to command him, “retreat”.
Resist him be righteous and then he'll flee.
He'll tell us there's no hope, once we transgress,
But, we've been given our agency to progress.
We can repent of our sins 'though they may be most grievous.
We can voice a warning sound against the devil
And against his angels, who mainstream evil.
On the saints, he will increase use of power.
As the kingdom of Heavenly Father grows stronger.
We believe that Satan's ever-expanding efforts
prove all the truthfulness of the gospel work.
We will need greater spirituality to perceive
his attempts to pacify and then deceive.
He will intrigue the naive. We can have wisdom or grief.
He'd love to destroy us. Mostly of our usefulness
in carrying the gospel into its fullness.
Yet, we have the still small voice for our stopping.
And if we don't listen, we'll fall to tempting.
This mechanism can't stay when we're weakened.
So, we need to help those who have lost this friend.
Heavenly father, please bless us, when we are weak.
And generously, please, forgive when we misdeed.
Help those in need of solace. And keep us from pride and greed.
The sacrament's my time for thought.
Am I living as I ought?
Is His countenance on my face?
Do I imagine His embrace?
Have I spent my week serving Him faithfully?
I will spend this time praying to Him fully.
When I hear the sacrament prayers
Do I cast on Him all my cares? ​​
Do I feel that He prays for me?
That He shed blood in agony?
He is my Savior and He died for all.
He's the conqueror, saving all from the fall.
When I eat the Lord's sacrament,
Do I think of His atonement?
Do I take His name unto me?
Do I live His laws contritely?
I feel I'm blessed by His angels keeping.
They're aware of us and of our shortcomings.
When I drink from the Lord's blessed cup,
Do I see His face as I sup?
Do I feel those drops shed for me?
Am I His servant, witnessing?
Do I feel that His spirit dwells inside me?
As I strive to be like Him most lovingly.
When the Rain Comes Down From a Darkened Sky
When the rain comes down from a darkened sky,
I like the company I won't deny.
With the pitter-patter on my roof,
And a chill that's seeped in as my proof,
I'm inside till the storm passes
I put on my reading glasses.
And I take out the word of God.
Those alone can those alone can hold to the rod.
When the rain clears, there is a star filled night.
I am in awe of the Heavenly sight.
With a deepen inhale I say a prayer.
As I smell the freshness of clean air.
The long night has passed so slowly,
It's mine to enjoy wholly.
And I read words from men of God.
Those alone can hold to the rod.
When the sun then rises on a new day,
There's much on my mind to think and pray.
I think of all the long years granted.
And someday I will be transplanted.
My home has deep roots, memories.
I'm at home with antiquities.
I will write how I'm taught of God.
Those alone can hold to the rod.
Dear Heavenly Father, We Ever Pray to Thee
Dear Heavenly Father,
We ever pray to thee.
It is our honor,
To bow on bended knee.
We will plant loving seeds,
Unto thee evermore.
With compassionate deeds
To every need filled shore.
And for the righteous' sake,
Bless this land for what's good.
Help the wicked to shake
And repent as they should.
And when the enemy
Seeks our land to destroy,
May our charity
Soften hearts unto joy.
Protect us from blind guides
Who do foolishly lead.
Commanded on all sides,
By souls cursed with much need.
Oh Lord, bless our land,
That we might hear thy words.
We need thy guiding hand,
To shepherd thy lost herds.
Help those with pride-filled eyes.
Who do sin in their hearts,
To search for clearer skies,
Where there's light and fresh starts.
Help us head thy command.
And then heavily weigh
How our salvation stands.
For this we humbly pray.
- Helaman
We Must Be Born Again
Elder Bednar
May we sing to thee, Thy spiritually reborn?
Prepared and immersed, bless us and adorn.
We want to be more transparently clean.
Baptism transformed us to a new sheen
We want to show faith, and make use of priesthood
Till saturated, continually good,
Blessed as new creatures, from this mighty change.
Help thoughts and desires be pure, rearranged.
May we absorb truths, keep covenants that protect.
Seek line upon line, precept on precept.
Help us stay renewed, with motives refined.
Imperceptibly, more with Thee aligned.
May might mind and strength, help us take on Christ’s name.
When we do much good, we're never the same.
Complete burial, total immersion.
When we are reborn, it's by conversion.
We speak from the soul with renewed energy,
To all in the land, the bond and the free.
Culminate our steps to change and transform.
Born to preach of Christ, we'll cry and forewarn.
Dear Father shed forth to all who now are true,
More gratitude for the Holy Ghost, too.
Help us feel it warn, when we are amiss.
We want to stay clean and sealed with promise.
The Shepherd of Israel
In our Savior's name, we do pray.
For our Bishop who serves this day.
He's our Shepherd, and we're his flock.
He is there when we need to talk.
May our prayers help him with his load.
Bless him with safety on the road.
Bless his dear children, and his wife.
Keep them safe from harm and strife.
Please bless us to be teachable,
For he makes himself reachable.
Bless him when there are not enough hours,
Sustained by his priesthood powers.
Bless us to trust when he knows best.
For with all thy funds he's honest
Bless him through his meeting this day.
And we to heed what he will say.
Please help us trust his confidence.
He can lift burdens tremendous.
When clouds bring anguish and despair,
Bless him with wisdom for repair.
He places in us stewardship.
Help us to improve fellowship.
Help us be worthy as a ward.
We ask for these things with one accord.
- President Gordon B. Hinckley
The Tongue of Angels
I want to be named near a perfect man.
If I not offend in word, then I can.
A voice that utters fervent prayers and sings,
Is not the voice that destroys and demeans.
When we curse, it ought not to be so.
A bridle controls where a horse might go.
So it is the tongue we pray to tame.
As we call out to thee, in Christ's name.
Bless us to use caution, when ever we speak.
To have tongues like angels, we now do seek.
By constraint of the spirit and with care
Help us to now feel peace though there's much we do bear.
When we're unruly, it oft breaks soft hearts.
When we criticize, the spirit departs.
Yet words are a gift that's from above.
Help us to proclaim faith and much love.
We can forgive and be tenderhearted.
Help us see when the Spirit's departed.
Help us stay hopeful and not estranged.
Bless us to see our own faults, with our thoughts changed.
Life has many problems, there's much to face.
Help us look for what's good and speak with grace.
Our tears can be dried, our hearts then healed.
Bless us with more faith 'till doubts are stilled.
A voice can be tender and oh, so kind,
An extension of a good frame of mind.
There are those much plagued with varied disease.
Bless us to speak unto the least of these,
As the still small voice speaks to the spirit.
It edifies those who will but hear it.
Help us to love and to speak today.
May we serve Thee Lord more now we pray?
- Elder Holland
This Day
Each day Thou gives us is as a fine treasure,
For me and my house to serve with great pleasure.
I've sought Thee early to find and to know Thee.
Bless this wise servant for what brings cleansing.
We have been given probation to improve.
While we have bodies that we control and can move,
We can know which tasks we do matter the most.
Bless me with promptings of the Holy Ghost.
Prayerful reading can set our course each new day.
When we submit, we act without a delay.
Will my garments be white to go no more out?
Help me to know how I can show Thee I'm devout.
We are here to prepare for eternal life.
We rejoiced to prove we're faithful though there's strife.
We can show we will do all the Lord does ask.
Help me to choose against temptations strong grasp.
We needed someone with grace and God's favor.
Who could perform with love as beloved Savior?
We chose Jesus Christ to come qualify us.
Help me not procrastinate, while there's justice.
Although we may struggle with complacency,
We have been placed purposely since infancy.
Though we're seasoned we have not yet done our part.
Help me show endurance with a steadfast heart.
Though I'm discouraged with my circumstance,
I will carry burdens with more confidence.
Each day as thy servant I'll follow through.
Bless me to know what I can here and now do.
I know Jesus suffered my infirmities.
He prayed for all men despite His agonies.
He forgave His enemies and their lies.
Help me to forgive and build eternal ties.
Help me be thankful that I am yet alive.
And to recognize that with Thee I do strive.
As a small payment for debt from Christ's purchase,
Help me share His charity through kind service.
Of those who petition Thy aid, help me see.
Bless me to hear Thy voice and know their need.
Remind me to pray to Thee both night and day.
Help me know my Savior, in His name I pray.
- Henry B. Eyring
That which we calleth sharpness
Is truth which cometh from God.
In the spirit of meekness
We can be sown to weakness,
Where man's prepared and shod,
To walk tall on higher sod.
The dust cries and warns, “Beware!
And seek the Glory of God.”
Out of love, He has shown care,
For our eternal welfare.
He sees beyond the façade,
Where man's peculiar and odd.
If we could see through the veil-
The Light from the Son of God.
We'd see- with Him we can't fail.
Where we once plod through the trail,
In his footsteps we'd carefully trod,
With the Holy Ghost to prod.
- Jacob
The Salt Lake Temple
To our Savior in Heaven
Who hath created this earth.
And all things that are therein.
Who's shown us to walk with worth,
Towards our eternal birth.
Forty years we built these walls.
Our haven, this house is thine.
Please, walk along its carved halls.
There was care in its design;
For strength, harmony and line.
(May I think of it as mine?)
It's the largest of our day.
A place where Thy prophets meet,
To learn of all things, we pray.
That will lead man to Thy feet.
Bless us, please, with Thee to greet-
Dressed in white, on Thy Mountain.
To endow all, it's our plight.
Thou art our living fountain.
Help us serve with all our might,
As Thy proxies day and night.
- Gordon B. Hinckley
Thou Who Knows Of All Suffering
Thou who knows of all suffering,
Please help me to love and to forgive.
When my doubts turn to murmuring,
And I dwell on the pain that I relive.
Till my heart grows so cold and so dim.
Please help me to change from within.
Please help me to forgive all men.
Please prompt me that I will keep my resolve,
And set my mind for when a tragedy strikes
That I'll pray hatred can quickly dissolve.
This I'll do before resentment spikes.
When I forgive, my thoughts will not distort.
And I won't folly through some retort.
I will seek Thee, for Thy love and comfort.
How oft I don't know, I'm prone to sin.
Till I repeat an offense from my past
And I feel the warmth that's from my chagrin.
Then I know all my weaknesses are vast.
If I will falter and make rules to bend,
Help me to admit and to not defend.
Help me to confess and to make amend.
Please help me to be the Lord's disciple?
Help me see how the Son suffered for me.
Help me to be a Christ-like example.
Help me to become all I'm meant to be.
Help me to value those with sound judgment.
Help me to improve how my days are spent.
Help me to forgive without postponement.
And of those who are hardened criminals.
Who avoid facing all their deeper needs.
Help them face judgment unto prison walls.
Where we can begin to plant in them seeds.
They, also, have much pain to undergo.
For what price it takes to repent with woe.
Help me share with them the sweet peace I know.
The Healing Power of Forgiveness- President Faust
Oh Be Wise
Oh be wise, what can I say more.”
Wrote Jacob, to meekly implore.
A prophet thus speaks from the dust.
His wisdom, from God, we can trust.
He'd sincere energy of soul.
Each man, too, may magnify role.
We can serve both wisely and well.
When we do, it's easy to tell,
For we'll know their hopes and their dreams.
This is not as hard as it seems.
Oh be wise, I say to myself.
I must take the book off the shelf.
When I read of the prophets plea.
I know I feel the urgency.
Self-compelled I know what to do.
Simply put, I should follow through.
Innovate, through inspiration.
Contemplate, through meditation.
It's our chance to serve and to grow.
Stewardships are made to be so.
In A Day That's Lacking Restraint
In a day that's lacking in restraint.
Help me to be wholesome and quaint.
The Master has called out, “repent”.
To proclaim this- prophets were sent.
We can be washed and found worthy.
Help me have hope on my journey.
Spread the news to all upon the land.
The Kingdom of God is now at hand.
We can change and come unto Christ,
Thus avoiding a sad tragic life.
The prize of joy is worth the price.
For those who are swamped much in sin.
The gospel life helps us change from within.
What does it mean to repent?
Does it mean we feel some regret?
Our sorrow must be so sincere.
Each patient step must include prayer.
The first step is recognition.
Then there's remorse unto confession.
We confess to all those we offend.
Though we're sincere, this in not the end.
The next step is restitution.
Help us restore without spite's friction.
Give us faith to this fruition.
For all those who are swamped much in sin.
The gospel life brings a change from within.
When Jesus said we must repent.
With soul and mind is what He meant.
To not repeat, He said there's more.
For we've eternal life in store.
We're asked to change even our breath,
Thus avoiding a spiritual death.
When we repent we are converted
Our whole being is then diverted
We repent in thought and in deed.
The fruit of repentance is so sweet
Help me place my thoughts unto Thee.
For all those who are swamped much in sin.
The gospel life builds us from deep within.
Repentance and Conversion - Russell M. Nelson
Life's Lessons Learned
If I were to examine my life,
Would I like who I have come to be?
Have I learned life's lessons though there's strife?
Did I listen to those who coached me?
All I have learned has shaped my destiny.
Prayerfully, I'll reflect on my life.
Have I kept the Lord close beside me?
Did I stay strong though there's fear of strife?
Did I say no when things tempted me?
All I have done has shaped my destiny.
I'll set high goals to improve my life.
And create what will inspire me.
Consistently, I will pray through strife.
I will think of those who have taught me,
With my eyes on the things that will shape me.
- Elder Wirthlin
Dear Father, we join hands and kneel together.
We want to see this marriage last forever.
Help us keep our love precious and living,
While there is prospect of life and healing.
Help us be hopeful, considerate, kind.
We unite in this plea, in this hard climb.
Soften hearts; help wounds mend though there is pain.
Help us be patient again and again.
Help us to see the good side for there's much to gain.
Help us count our companion as our best friend.
United most humbly, we seek thy guidance,
Healed by the atonement as our second chance.
There is much to overcome on each side.
Life was not meant to be an easy ride.
Help us remember the good of the past,
Think of the children first and of our needs last.
We've hope for their future and their well being.
We've our bishop's judgment and counseling,
For we can dwell up wrongs again and again.
Help us to overcome faults and to strengthen.
- Elder Oaks
How deeply grateful we are for this true church,
To know of God and that which does not subvert.
Our knowledge comes directly from Joseph Smith
The Father and the Son spoke in his presence.
He was taught basic truths which help me to grow.
Sacred truths are the things of which I rightly know.
I know that God governs all the universe
I know that His children can with Him converse.
I've felt God's influence. I'll not Him deny.
He hears our prayers, hears our cries, He is most wise.
In a time of divisiveness, He is truth.
And my heart is so full in all that I do.
I know that Jehovah created the earth.
He put His light in all things that have birth.
With His finger he wrote commandments to man.
He served us through humble birth and circumstance.
Our Lord suffered for us in Gethsemane.
Of this, I bear witness of personally.
The sorrow of death softens with this promise.
I know that our Brother was and always is.
Jesus spoke of those who were not of this fold.
He came to the new world as had been foretold.
And they made a record for the Latter-Day.
Of these things we humbly witness and proclaim.
- President Gordon B. Hinckley
Through the virtues of patience we live out our lives.
For we do not pursue what goes out of style,
Thus avoiding being like gaderine swine.
We can avoid going whole hog for trends of time.
Will we be meek and listen to our Savior?
He meekly proffered His life for us as our ransomer.
He did as the Father required.
Let's square our shoulders to express strengthened desire.
Our meekness is often the initiator.
Our meekness is oft' the spirit's facilitator.
We will do exceedingly well throughout our day
If we live with hope in Christ, charity and with faith-
We'll have acquired attributes of Deity
We can be a part of the wind up scenes that are to be,
With meekness the subtraction of self,
Reducing multiplication of our pride's swell.
Our meekness is what gospel life is about.
Through our meekness God's love goes beyond doubt.
This does not mean that we force loved ones to God.
But, we can teach the prepared, by virtue of the rod.
The scriptures tell us of all that we can be.
We can be like our Savior and say here I am, send me.
So, in matters little or too large,
We’ll emulate our Savior and trust in His charge.
Our meekness is vital to become Christ-like.
Through our meekness other virtues come to sight.
This does not translate into just a weakness,
But our whole selves in a posture of pure kindness.
We can be meekly drenched in destiny,
With all of our lives full of peace and serenity.
While seeking service giving gently,
We’re flooding the whole world with love that's of plenty.
- Neal A Maxwell
An Unending Conflict, a Victory Assured
An unending conflict, a victory assured.
When one side has found peace, another is disturbed.
There is one, who wants us to turn to war in haste,
To devastate families so nations lie in waste.
He must live in hatred and peace he'll never know.
He spreads his misery, as he reels to and fro.
When we lived in heaven, we dwelled in God's presence
The great dragon of old caused a war so intense
That it has never ceased and has been ever since.
We must not let him in; we'll build stakes as our fence.
We have been called and we must make a commitment.
We can and must do it. We will do as we've been sent.
An unending conflict, a victory assured,
For we can fight the foe, as we cling to our God's word.
We hold His sword high and stand upon Zion.
We're listening to His word, we shan't fear this lion.
But, we'll keep our breastplate, for he'll wait till we're weak.
He froths much at the mouth as he gnashes his sharp teeth.
He' can confuse the mind, to hell and back again.
We must not be tempted, in deed by Satan.
We have a kind Father who knows his stratagem.
He gave us a Savior, We must follow Him.
We have been called and we must make a commitment.
We can and must do it. We will do as we've been sent.
As the gospel work rolls and continues to grow.
Satan and his angels labor to overthrow.
The saints must not give up. With faith we must go on.
Till every ear has heard that with God we belong.
Two powers must juggle but God's victory's assured,
For we can fight the foe, in good deeds with God's sword.
Whose armor is tarnished? Held loosely- and not tight?
Whose light has extinguished? Can their future be made bright?
We must prepare to help. The goal is yet in sight.
We'll girt about our loins and work with all our might.
We have been called and we must make a commitment.
We can and must do it. We will do as we've been sent.
- Gordon B. Hinckley
Point of Safe Return
Can we pass the point of safe return?
Where going back is not an option?
The gospel provides extra fuel to burn,
To find, with hope, our destination.
If we have sinned, if we have gone wrong,
We can repent through the atonement.
Through Christ we are never too far gone.
Satan will misquote the scriptures intent.
In order to imply there is no mercy.
To make us lose hope and become like him.
His counterfeit work may deceive many.
This “accuser” is author of sin.
What is God's plan for our safe return?
Jesus and His perfect Atonement.
It's up to us to learn and discern.
Just why from the Father, Our Lord was sent.
This life is our time of probation,
Our time to feel the consequence for sin,
Our time for the plan of redemption,
To feel His love and mercy from within.
This is His work, His plan of happiness.
The Lord's gospel is our protection.
When we don't feel His divine forgiveness,
His influence goes without detection.
We've come short of the glory of God.
Yet, forgiveness is as real as sin.
His mercy leads to safe routes with the rod.
To hope, no matter what trouble we're in.
We can witness the bitter pains of sin.
When there's faith, there's nothing wavering.
The tormented soul is forgiven.
We'll have joy as sweet as for savoring.
A confession yields a fresh attitude,
To a brilliant day despite the night.
By grace we're saved after all we can do,
Bringing us back. Choosing more of what's right.
How can we know we've been forgiven?
God will wipe away tears of anguish.
Thus, enjoying His loving influence,
His encircling love, we will distinguish.
Christ will carry burdens and our guilt.
When we're clean, the Holy Ghost verifies.
As it testifies, our strength is built.
We'll feel clean again, as it sanctifies.
Our Savior taught us of eternal truth.
He taught us how He'll forgive all debt.
We must forgive debtors of what they do.
On our journey that is not finished yet.
Satan lies and tries to torment us.
He knows we dwell on sins we commit.
But, remembering keeps us with justice,
With a broken heart, contrite in spirit.
We can show courage and be nobler.
We can face headwinds and low altitudes.
The diverter is the destroyer.
If we develop Christ-like attributes.
We'll purge the heart and mind of bad feelings.
The atonement's for us at all times.
Our joys are endless, with temples blessings.
Christ can save us, though Satan undermines.
- Gordon B. Hinckley
Here and Now
Here and now, I can know what my life is about.
I can be assured of my mission, my true route.
If I pray and study and do what God requires.
I will start, I will move, in tune with God's desires.
I'll seek growth; keep moving, though challenged by mistakes.
I will learn, prayerfully to discern as I do what it takes.
Though the sea boils high as it tries to engulf me,
I'll exert all of my energy, vigorously.
Here and now, I can know what I am meant to do.
I can pray and not faint. I can know what is true.
Dear Father, consecrate what I do, to Thy care.
May what I do perform be for my soul's welfare.
With one line at a time I will try with my might.
I'll trust Thee to help me keep my goal in clear sight.
I'll seek not for riches, But, I'll seek for Thy wisdom.
This I'll pray. Then I'll say “Look out world, Here I come.”
- Elder Groberg
The Light of Christ
Christ spoke of a light which shineth.
To our eyes it enlighteth.
And, to our minds it quickeneth.
Yet this light is invisible.
To touch, it's intangible.
And it is indestructible.

  • Boyd K. Packer

The Spirit of Christ can be likened to sunlight.
It stands brilliant though evil tries the world unto blight.
Our guardian angel, as cause and effect fight.
With this light, all man is created equally.
Endowed to all man so we'll act sensibly.
So that all man are instructed sufficiently.
Inside man the light can warn and guard and be our guide.
It enlightens us for the blessing of mankind.
That each man may be accountable for his life.
Like a fan to a flame can burn much brighter.
This light dwells in all man and makes us better.
And can nourish with goodness to the comforter.
This Holy light can become ignited by the Holy Ghost.
And bring to memory things taught by a Heavenly host,
Where familiar gospel truths ring from afar tolls.
May those bells heighten our courage, so we can grow.
May we tell all man of the Light so they can know,
How to feast on the words of Christ where e'er we go.
- Boyd K. Packer
Our Solemn Group
Our solemn group, stands between the many headstones.
With a gun solute, we fold a flag that no longer waves.
Here some family surnames come to a close.
For this great cost the soul moans.
There are so many at war, for a moment, my whole heart caves.
Yet there is pride for those who died with a purple heart.
And for their faithful wives who will oft visit graves.
Who wait alone trusting in a love torn apart.
How can one not hope and rejoice in our Savior
Who art in Heaven is waiting to reunite great love.
When we depart.
Many dear children say to a grave, “I love you, Dad”.
They have tales of courage as their lingering memories.
Families wanting all that they never had.
There's good with bad. And it's sad.
At every grave site rests a casket filled with lifelong stories.
One understands why a hand is placed upon the heart,
Overwhelmed by thoughts of wars price for victories.
For those who died, courageously, who did their part.
How can one not hope and rejoice in our Savior
Who art in Heaven awaiting the righteous who believed liberty,
Was the better part.
That Spirit Which Leaded To Do Good
I am surrounded by worldliness.
What is popular is abjectness.
How can I avoid what is not good?
How can I become all that I should?
When all I hear is profane, how do I stay sane?
The Holy Ghost, my companion, helps me to maintain.
May I ever be mindful of this precious gift,
As there's music to my ear that gives me a lift.
Through the blessed hymns I feel the love of Jesus.
The comforter helps me to be more courageous.
I can be bold just like Joseph Smith.
And call out for them to cease forthwith.
I am surrounded by worldiness.
What is popular is abjectness.
How can I avoid what is not good?
How can I become all that I should?
When all I see is obscene, how do I not look?
The Holy Ghost, my companion, helps me through a book.
May I ever be mindful of this precious gift,
Full of hope and charity which gives me a lift.
Through the blessed words I feel the love of Jesus.
The comforter helps me to be more courageous.
I can be bold like another Joseph.
When someone tried to tempt him- he just fled.
- Elder Perry
There are diverse places that I must now walk.
When I'm alone there's someone with whom I talk.
In prayer to God, I'll remember and perish not.
I know I've been called to action in deed and thought.
We can remember from a gospel reservoir.
Prayerfully carefully for great battles in store.
Oh, may we remember, in the way God intends.
Help us live our lives not as one who pretends.
Please help me feast on Thy Sabbath day.
Blessed with vicissitude from Thy words, we pray.
The first vision, we commit to memory.
For, thus began all of the church history,
Joseph saw a pillar of light holy and bright.
He saw two personages, oh a heavenly sight.
He heard the Father say, “This is my Beloved Son.”
This stirs my soul to commitment and to action.
Oh may we remember how oft' God fills our mind.
Help us keep a record for us and mankind.
Oh, may our hearts be one, to remember Thee.
Of all that Thou has done, we acknowledge, to be.
- Marlin K. Jensen
By the gift and power of the Holy Ghost,
We can know and cherish testimony's post.
Once received and carried within it enables us.
When we've doubts, the Holy Ghost's the source we trust.
It gives personal revelation of our role,
A deep and lasting impression on our soul.
It lights our way as it directs our conduct.
As an attentive host, it is there to instruct.
Our testimony's true north on a compass.
All aspects of our life, it can encompass.
It is our shield to quench all the fiery darts.
As we obey, there's peace and joys it imparts.
As it speaks understanding into our hearts.
Our testimonies are measured by faith.
Faith is testimony, Testimony's faith.
When it's strong we help others seek for truth.
Humbly, they can pray, as Joseph in his youth.
We can know where we came from, where we're going.
When we've testimonies, knowledge is flowing.
A light will arrize to our understanding. (Lorenzo Snow)
We won't let it extinguish, though life's demanding.
We give our testimony through our service.
This is our duty, this is our purpose.
Our testimony comes with adhesiveness.
As we grow in faith and show our willingness.
We'll have fruits of faith, we will have happiness.
- Elder Hales
We have axioms to guide our lives,
To drive agency and to make us wise.
When there's debris that is in our way.
Do we plow ahead or do we pray?
We know Heavenly Father assists us,
As we show trust, it was ever thus.
The light of faith helps us move forward,
With eyes on Christ, whom we lean toward.
Christ said, “I would thou wert cold or hot.”
I'll show gratitude that for us He fought.
I will move with determination.
I'll be like Jesus when there's friction.
A sparks can cause a large fire.
Yet, my loyalty will not tire.
I'll see the good and not criticize.
I'll see enemies through Christ-like eyes.
Do I rely on the natural man?
God is my strength, I'll confess His hand.
I will ponder and learn from mistakes.
I will improve, do whatever it takes.
I have entered to finish the race.
I'll keep covenants for victories embrace.
I will look ahead, take the long view.
I will be patient, in all I do.
We have agency to use for good.
I regret when I don't pray as I should.
We can study and know what is right.
Then we'll not regret what's in hind sight.
The world is moving farther away.
I'll be a light on the hill, today,
For some come through great darkness to see,
As the distance increases to be.
This earth time's our university.
We've temporal gains under gravity.
Do my long lost friends remember me?
Of my morals, just what did they see?
Did they see in me what I believe?
Have I learned, before this earth I leave,
Temple’s eternal curriculum?
As earth teaches from a pendulum.
- Elder Hales
All My Heart
I offer Thee all my heart
As I kneel down in meek prayer.
I long for Thee to impart,
Tender mercy and wise care,
As this day dawns to a start.
And when I turn in to rest
Please help me to be aware.
Of my need to do my best,
To pray each night without ere,
Thankfully, for all I'm blessed.
A Planted Seed
A planted seed swelleth
And beginneth to grow.
Will much good soon sprouteth?
I desire to know.
If it be a good seed;
If it be a true seed;
I will not cast it out.
If it expand the mind;
If it expand the soul;
It will dispell my doubt.
A nourished tree springeth
As it taketh to root.
Will branches soon spreadeth?
I desire sweet fruit.
Patience, long suff'ring;
With increased diligence.
I won't neglect to wait.
Pure above all that's pure;
Sweet above all that's sweet.
Fruit's the reward of faith.
- Alma 32:30-31
How oft do angels attend me?
How oft do the angels attend me?
As they're sent directly from God.
Do they teach me of charity?
As they whisper the words from the rod?
As I take a moment to be still,
And plea to the Father of love,
I rejoice in warmth that is real
That I know it comes from above.
How oft do the angels attend me?
As I pray and do as I should.
Do they teach me of purity?
As they whisper that which is good.
They were there to care for the Savior
When he cried and suffered for me.
He felt pain for my behavior.
When he bled drops in Gethsemane.
How oft do the angels attend me?
As faith and miracles are wrought.
Do they teach me of dignity?
As a Child of God, as I ought.
As I work and love without reserve.
I hope to do all that is right.
To be worthy and to deserve
To have dreams of angels at night.
Nephi Prayed
Nephi prayed continually by day.
His eyes watered his pillow by night.
Oft he thought of those who would not pray.
Who would not keep Christ in their thoughts and sight.
He gloried in plainness.
He gloried in the truth.
He gloried in my Jesus.
Who'd preserved him since his youth.
Nephi hoped to speak as the angels.
And help those who left the narrow path.
When he wrote, he oft made parallels,
With examples of God's power and wrath.
He gloried in plainness.
He gloried in the truth.
He gloried in my Jesus.
Who'd preserved him since his youth.
- 2 Nephi 33:3
When Life is intense and we feel lost- powerless,
The wise seek humbly for direction- with passion
And yearning, from God. He knows what is for our best.
We've new conviction that we need his compassion.
Our prayers can be brief, or take the time that we need.
He is there for us, though we may feel forsaken.
For He's our Father to Him we pray and we plead,
With urgent problems, He who knows best does listen.
To feel His guidance, we must find peace and quiet.
We need to reflect and to ponder where to start.
What is expedient? He'll calm us when thoughts riot.
He will impart words into our mind and our heart.
The more we struggle, our character grows and grows.
To find solutions, we must study trials out.
And ask the Father- what's best for us, for He knows.
As has been promised, peace of mind will come about.
Here I retire, to contemplate, mankind's fate.
With all of my heart, I pour out thanks. He knows me.
How am I doing? Am I staying in the gate?
Life is bittersweet and I am in need of Thee.
- Richard G. Scott
A moment intense
With problems immense
Drops us to our knees,
Enveloped with pleas.
Our prayers can be brief,
Or burdening with grief.
He is there to hear.
He is ever near.
When we need guidance
We're not left to chance.
His words he'll impart
Into minds and heart.
If we desire it,
It will calm and quiet.
For what's expedient,
Prayers the ingredient.
The more we struggle
To daily juggle.
Our character grows,
As gratitude flows.
- Richard G. Scott
The Peril of Hidden Wedges
A faller's wedge placed in a tree
Remained where it ought not to be.
The branches grew and swelled around.
And then one night without a sound-
An ice storm weighed the burdened trunk.
And down the branches went- kerplunk.
Some feelings hurt and trouble so.
But, to others they do not know.
It festers much and builds inside,
Though how hard one might try to hide.
Till one day it resurfaces.
And lays more blame with purposes.
A hidden wedge placed long ago.
Has pierced my heart and now does grow.
Where it can canker easily.
Imagined hurts and jealousy
Must be resolved, and then destroyed,
For life was meant to be enjoyed.
A burden shared is always best.
When we solve hurts, lay them to rest,
The enemy becomes a friend.
When we forgive there is an end.
We close the gap, we sort it out.
That's what life is truly about!
- Thomas S. Monson
The Spiritual Gift of Being Quick to Observe
A message is heard.
It leaves an impact.
It wasn't a word.
Or even a fact.
What made us discern?
Our spiritual ears?
Or observed concern
Mingled with tears?
As new resolve nears.
Without a reserve
We're set, we resolve.
Be quick to observe,”
As care does evolve,
When we have felt moved.
We know we must leap.
It's time to be proved.
We've promptings to keep.
We are not lost sheep.
Through prayer we're given
Power to detect
What is from heaven,
What not to neglect.
Our growth we'll behold.
Where once was concealed,
Our good will unfold,
Spiritually revealed.
And, resolve is sealed.
- Elder Bednar
Our Inspired Constitutions
We have an inspired constitution.
What exactly does that mean to me?
Through the law and through obedience,
I can enjoy life and liberty.
How did the quest for freedom begin?
What led these men to struggle within?
How many of them each other knew,
Did they speak from where their yearnings grew?
For checks and balances more seasoned,
Our founding fathers met and reasoned.
As common cause became their goal,
It united them with purpose whole.
A miracle did unite this group,
Though they could not pay for their own troupe.
With borrowed money and with debt,
They had much work that they must do yet.
A bill of rights, soverenity,
How to treat each man with dignity,
How to maintain the rights of all flesh,
Yet politically combine and mesh.
- Elder Oaks
A Dark Season
A dark season went on for ages
Until Joseph Smith opened gold pages.
An angel showed him the lost record.
He then had to translate them into our word.
A treasure for the Latter-Day.
The Prophets of old saw us today.
The scriptures will help us on our way.

The record takes place in the Holy Land
Then to a new world they were taken by the hand.
Prophet Nephi had visions in his youth.
How he desired to know the truth.
Scriptures planted, kept for our day.
We'll receive answers when we do pray.
A record from the past leads the way.

Others tell us they know what is best.
We, too, can act with courage, we’ll be blessed.
With strength to live like Abinidi,
Though burned at the stake he would not lie.
Scriptures planted, kept for our day.
Have courage, decide what to say. .
Prophets of old show us the right way.

It's great to have a faithful brother.
But, not all choose to love one another.
We can pass on bad traditions.
Lamanites caused persecutions.
Scriptures planted, kept for our day
We can choose now who we will obey.
Let this serve as a warning today.

When we are righteous upon the land,
We’ll see peace, together we will stand.
God helps us grow and thus we prosper.
Then, harden our hearts and we falter.
Scriptures planted, kept for our day.
Choose where your priorities do lay.
What's inside our hearts chooses our way.

Of moments that we started anew,
Choicest people and events come to view.
When Christ came to give His testament,
He wept, as prayers for all were sent.
Scriptures planted, kept for our day.
Two hundred years none went astray. –

We can keep a record in our day.
Our Lord of old is here to stay.-

Miracles of Faith
A cruel circumstance...
We are left in tears.
If only we'd one more chance
To call back the years.
If, why, where, and how-
Will not call back time.
All we have is here and now,
For our onward climb.
Then, of someone's worse account...
We see through new eyes.
What trials they did surmount!
We, too, want to rise.
And those strugglings in the mind
Mean no more to us.
As old dreams are left behind,
We are free from fuss.
When we learn to walk as meant,
Though there is no sight.
We do not need smooth pavement,
To find new delight.
If, why, where, and how...
Rephrased in my mind.
A new future, now.
Where we feel life's kind.
The miracles of Jesus...
The blind made to see.
When others avoided thus,
He cleansed leprosy.
If, why, where, and how...
Our Savior used His priesthood.
By faith, we are healed.
If we believe as we should,
New hope is revealed.
- Thomas S. Monson
The Law of the Fast
The day has come at last.
Now, humbly I will fast.
For what purpose, I pray,
Can be strengthened today?
At testimonies feast
I hope faith to increase!
I know spiritual power
Attends the sacred hour.
As testimonies born
Ease burdens heavy worn.
Expressed blessings abound
In grateful hearts they're found.
I love Heavenly Father.
To fast is not a bother.
Although I am hungry,
With prayer it reminds me
Of those who have much less.
To them offerings bless.
- Joseph B. Wirthlin
This Sunday has come at last to humbly pray
This Sunday has come at last to humbly pray .
And, now, what purpose will I fast today?
What part of my faith needs fortifying?
Perhaps it's what drains me into crying!
How oft have I let this day slip away?
Without any thought to fast and to pray?
I'll trust and obey it's only for my good-
Thus, loving Heavenly Father, as I should.
I can show my love to my fellow man.
I'll observe this simple plan. Yes, I can.
If I for them do pray, they will notice
The good that comes from this simple practice!
We must lift our heart, our minds, our voices.
A fast will help us make better choices.
With love we'll generously succor the weak.
And lift up hands who in need pray and seek.
- Joseph B. Wirthlin
We Have Joy in Bad Works

We have joy in bad works for a season,
When complacent won’t listen to reason.
Selfishness makes the heart grow so hard.
Exactly what is there to guard?
Is there excitement in some infraction?
Are we angry with some others actions?
If we lose sight and follow the wrong crowd.
Limits get pushed to what’s not allowed.

Then one day there’s a feeling of remorse.
For how far we slid down the slippery proud course.
There is a best friend we can turn to.
Will we return Jesus’ love, too?
For He will lift us up. It’s time to mend.
He can soften the heart. Be a true friend too.
There’s a lesson every man has learned.
Perfection only one man earned.

We learn principles taught by the Savior.
And with love change our reckless behavior.
A changed heart prays morning, noon and night,
For strength to stay on path that’s right.
When we look for good it’s easy to find.
When we’re Christ like we’re patient and we’re kind.
We are grateful for chance to take
Part in joy everlasting with a new heart.


With a glance in the rear view mirror,
I turn to my Father in prayer.
For I know that I need to gain His perspective.
He alone through the Savior can lead me to paths
That are safer and free.
Move forwards from my doubts and despair,
From the things that do so easily beset me.
And now He has the directions for safety.
With the spirit I can see what needs to be?
I want to know where I need to go.
I want to grow.
Who can know of what is before us?
I turn to my father in prayer.
He can lead me away to a safer distance.
Through prayer I’ll seek his clear instructions.
On the day I bow down more fully.
I’m raised up to see things much more clearly.
In the past, I had missed the best scenery.
And now, it’s the vistas that I need.
With the spirit I can see what needs to be?
I want to know where I need to go.
I want to grow.
When I strive to reach the new vistas,
I think of my Savior in prayer.
Someday will I understand all that He did for me?

When He suffered great pain while in prayer?

He alone through His suffering can understand the paths
That are safe for me.
He, alone, can see what’s beyond all my frailties.
I’ve faith He shed blood and tears for me.
With the Spirit I can see,
He died for me.
I want to know How I can show.
I love Him so.

The Greatest Miracle of All
From Elder M. Russell Ballard's remarks honoring the Crandall Canyon mine collapse
To the Tune: Come Ye Children of the Lord
There is one who knows us best.
He only can give true rest.
He knows every ounce of pain.
For us He suffered, was slain.
Our hearts won't be troubled, now
With fears flayed to rest, and how?
His love enfolds us with peace.
May our love for Him increase.
We endure and weep the night.
Then joy comes with morning light.
He bears what ere shadows fall-
The great miracle for all.
He has borne all man's sorrows.
Our hope for bright tomorrows,
We know His love is so pure.
With faith we cope and endure.
A Life Slips Away
After dusty feet have finished their course,
Facing rocky trails and some past remorse.
There’s a time for good-byes to all that we see.
We’re left with memories of what used to be.
With resurrected eyes the glorious things we’ll see.
For when a life slips away ‘though we feel a great loss,
All mankind will have their own everlasting new trails to cross.
After all the trials of faith in life,
Gaining courageous attitudes in strife.
Accept the will of the Father to be done.
We have hope in a light brighter than the sun.
We ponder the victorious reunion of the Son.
For when a life slips away, it's their gain, though our loss.
We do have our hope in our Savior who paid all of our costs.
After pain has dulled there is joy in sounds.
Placing, with love, flowers upon the grounds.
Thoughts look upward on His tender mercy.
Reuniting love is not a fantasy.
Turn to the Son, He knows all about our own journey.
And when a life slips away we'll mourn of the great loss.
Till we'll journey eternally to a veil through which we will cross.

The Root of Christian Doctrine
We cannot forget,
We must not forget,
The loving Savior,
Our Dear Redeemer,
He bought, with purchase,
Our pain to save us.
The righteous remnant
Felt wounds with their hands.
It was evident
That He broke death's bands,
With burdens of all.
We're saved from the fall.
Our climb to belay
Oh, Lord hear us cry.
When we are awry,
Please show us the way.
Please keep us from sin.
Our souls Thou did win.
Please root into hearts,
Thy suffering and death.
And as this week starts,
Please grant us with rest.
Please help us obey,
We sing and we pray.
- Thomas Griffen
They judged Him, as though He were just a Jew.
He forgave them for they “know not what they do”.
He died in pain, loneliness and misery,
Him, the greatest miracle in history.
Without Christ, what of all who've lived and died?
He arose in power, beauty and in life.
Why do ye seek the living among the dead?
He was not there; He'd risen as He had said.
The day dawned and became the new Sabbath.
So, all man could resurrect, as He now hath.
Although He hung on a cross that tragic day,
Keeping covenants is the symbol of our faith.
To a world wavering, there's a new witness.
We've a Book of Mormon and prophet's preface.
It tells of how Jesus came to our nation.
His love's to all man no matter their station.
As His Saints we've responsibility,
To live good lives to our best ability.
We're thankful He suffered the grave price.
From the tomb, He emerged, as our Living Christ.
Though skin worms may destroy this body,
We'll resurrect and then we'll have eyes to see.
Our Lord above, who's dressed in the brightest white.
He's our strength. He's our comfort. He is the Christ.
- Gordon B. Hinckley
There’s a Light Which Shineth
There’s a light, which shineth in the darkness.
And by His power He giveth words to me.
If I put all my trust in the spirit,
He’ll lead me to do the just and all that’s good.
Prayerfully, I ask for blessings from God.
And by His power He giveth gifts to me.
If I keep an honest believing heart,
I will want to do the just and all that’s good.
In humility, I ask for wisdom.
And by His power he showeth much to me.
If I keep His commandments as I should.
I’ll build a testimony of all that’s good.
A heart with joy and a mind with light,
I can fill my life with truth and love.
There’s a GLOW
There is a glow from the Son guiding our Father’s plan,
Since time began.
The Light gives life to all of God’s creatures,
And to the soul of man.
It sparks glory in every bit of intelligence.
From the Son all life shines with His magnificence.
If we find we’re at the end of a long rope,
This glowing Light, this loving Light,
Can turn man towards the bright Son, seeking hope.
Each choice man makes is governed by the Light, conscience, and
God’s commandments.
The Light helps us to want to have God’s guidance,
And to strive for patience.
This Light shines reflecting power so man ponders,
Who really will get hurt when there’s a blunder?
All man’s lives can be put into new focus.
A plan to fight, with all this light,
The things that can dim the clear good Light in us.
When man’s good there is a sweet peace as a blessings’ Sweet,
Kind caressing.
And when man disobeys God’s laws the heart will know
There’s something missing.
The mind works best with the presence of the Holy Ghost.
Who testifies of what all man needs the most.
Finding Christ, losing pride, loving everyone.
More service brings, more service shares,
Christ-like Light in man which comes from the Son.
Someone can make a hundred eighty degree turn.
To change and learn,
As the conversion to truths will bear witness and
Help the bosom burn.
Faith can grow, with new purpose as our knees learn to bend.
It’s through repentance that man’s washed white, And then cleansed.
Baptism will come with a confirmation.
This light can grow, this light does grow,
To lead man towards eternal salvation.
God’s Tender Mercies
God’s tender mercies can be found
When emotions are tightly wound.
A special sign to show He cares
And He’s with us, our troubles He bares.
A favorite Hymn, words in a talk.
Witness to us in whose footsteps we walk.
We feel as though with God our spirit mingles
We are left in awe with loving tingles.
Our thoughts provide a place to grow.
Where new enlightenment can flow.
Thus storing all our decisions,
We are grateful for those guided actions.
We ponder our life in our prayers.
Then we gain perspective from one who cares.
We feel as though with God our spirit mingles
We feel we are held by wings of eagles.
The future holds great mysteries.
We’ve potential and destinies.
A noble lasting new-found birth.
We’ll have added glory beyond our worth.
In celestial mansions we’ll live.
Dwelling close to Him who’s Son He did give.
Then we’ll know that with God our spirit mingles
We’ll see we are surrounded by angels.
We May Know
When I exercise faith in Christ
I’m filled with the Holy Ghost
I am reminded of His charity
The pure love I need the most.
We may know with a perfect knowledge,
All that is good.
All that is good.
For it enticeth me, inviteth me, and persuadeth me
To do the good.
Through his infinite pow’r and grace
The words of the Lord fill me.
He tells me who I really am
And all that I can be He can see.
We may know with a perfect knowledge,
All that is good.
All that is good.
For it enticeth me, inviteth me, and persuadeth me
To do the good.
When I call on Him, I’m relieved
Of the burden of my sins.
I offer Him a broken heart
And turn to Him in my decisions.
I can offer Him all my heart
And turn to Him in meek prayer.
And I’ll tell Him of my need for faith.
I want to be in His tender care.
We may know with a perfect knowledge,
All that is good.
All that is good.
For it enticeth me, inviteth me, and persuadeth me
To do the good.
Our Solemn Group
Our solemn group stands between the many headstones.
With a gun solute, we fold a flag that no longer waves.
Here some family surnames come to a close.
For this great cost the soul moans.
There are so many at war for a moment, my whole heart caves.
Yet there is pride for those who died with a purple heart.
And of their faithful wives who will oft’ visit graves.
Who wait alone trusting in a love torn apart?
How can we not hope and rejoice in our Savior
Who art in heaven awaiting to
Reunite great love when we depart.
Many dear children say to a grave “I love you Dad”.
They have tales of courage as their lingering memories.
Families wanting all that they never had.
There’s good with bad and it’s sad.
At every gravesite rests a casket filled with lifelong memories.
One understands why a hand is placed upon the heart.
Overwhelmed by thoughts of wars’ price for victories.
For those who died courageously, who did their part?
How can we not hope and rejoice in our Savior
Who art in heaven awaiting the righteous
Who believed liberty was the better part.
Expressions of the Spirit
The words soft spoken with a gentle gaze.
A tender smile, hands outwards in praise.
Of anything sweeter what would it be?
For, expressions of the spirit fulfill me.
As I search the scriptures, liken them to me.
The Prophets words often speak to me.
If I had been there what would I see?
Great expressions of the spirit surrounding.
When I bear my testimony on fast day.
I’ll speak from my heart, This I do pray
I’ll witness of the Son’s divinity
I’ve expressions of the spirit inside me.
My eyes wet from new feelings that I’ve found.
I testify Gods’ love’s all around.
Do angels make record? Am I worthy?
The expressions of the spirit burn in me.
Inside each of us lies a sweet angels’ song.
We express our thanks that we belong.
We will pray as we sing. Let voices ring.
With expressions of the spirit, the heart sings.
A Dark Season
A dark season went on for ages,
Then Joseph Smith opened gold pages.
Nephi sought visions while in his youth.
Many desire to know the truth.
Scriptures planted, kept for our day.
We can get answers when we pray.
Prophets of old show us the way.
Others tell us they know what is best.
We can act with courage, we’ll be blessed.
With strength to live like Abinidi,
Burned at the stake he would not lie.
Scriptures planted, kept for our day.
Choose the right, decide what you will say.
Prophets of old show us the way.
It is great to have a faithful brother.
Not all choose to love one another.
Families can pass on bad traditions.
Lamanites caused persecutions.
Scriptures planted, kept for our day
We can choose who we will obey.
Prophets of old show us the way.
When we are righteous upon the land,
We’ll see peace, together we will stand.
God helps us grow and we prosper.
Harden our hearts and we falter.
Scriptures planted, kept for our day.
Choose where your priorities lay.
Prophets of old show us the way.
Of moments that we started anew,
God people and events come into view.
When Christ came to give His testament,
He wept. Prayers for all were sent.
Scriptures planted, kept for our day.
Two hundred years none went astray.
Prophets of old show us the way.
There is a Time
There is a time to receive enough,
Sometimes just as things become tough.
All of Heavenly Father’s love,
Sent as blessings from above.
You’ll soon increase your faith in prayer.
So, turn to Him in trials hard to bare.
He’ll help you to know what to do.
Answers soon will burn deep within you.
Soul filled thoughts will abide within you.
A voice of warning, an honest friend,
The still small voice helps us to bend.
Leave distractions, pray for it.
Can take time, you’ll benefit.
Then, others will be blessed through you.
And they’ll desire to know this friend too.
Teach them of prayer and gratitude.
Share your warmth with increase magnitude.
Love will grow a brand new attitude.
Now in the dawn of our Savior’s coming,
May some through you learn He is loving.
Share your feelings, love them too.
Teach them how to feel renewed.
With baptism and sacrament.
Grateful thought for all you have been sent.
Testimonies then shared will bring
Changes for a renewed beginning.
And the angels will join us to sing.
A Tiny Seed
A tiny seed from a sweet tender fruit
Is planted in our hearts and takes root.
Prepared with truths as a fertile rich land,
Its roots grow deep by an attentive hand.
New life appears to the sun it strives.
With word of God and with love it survives.
Through covenants and prayers
Which protect from trampling?
From the things that destroy a small sapling.
Deep in the depths of a heart a seed is planted a new life can start!
If we but do our part.
A tender tree should not be neglected.
The growing branches are trained perfected.
It’s pruned to reach up and to the sunlight.
From the heart it draws God’s love for its might.
It buds new growth for a good harvest.
The fruits of faith start with being honest.
To prepare for an everlasting new tree.
There’s a balance to what we want and need.
Deep in the depths of a heart a seed is planted a new life can start!
If we but do our part.
The heart is the perfect place to grow things.
It’s closely tied to our sacred feelings.
A heart that’s tried will feel broken and torn.
Yet, strongest branches can then be reborn.
For when the storm comes without delay,
What’s lifeless will soon be broken away.
We learn how to plant to prepare a new heart.
The fruit to the faithful, He will impart.
Deep in the depths of a heart a seed is planted a new life can start!
If we but do our part.
Tree of Life
If I could have a wish, go back in time.
To the gardens highest mountain I’d climb.
Id takes a survey of all that I see.
Id waits for a visit from majesty.
The very first thing I would want to see is majesty
What wonders I would see?
What wonders I would see.
If I could go back and see the first life.
Id watch the first husband receive his wife.
Id witness Satan’s play of opposites.
Now, there’s good and bad,
We’ve all favorites.
The very first thing I would want to see is majesty
What wonders I would see?
What wonders I would see.
To see the tree of life what would it take?
A long journey through a fog so thick Id shake?
With many distractions along the way.
Id hold to the rod and watch and Id pray.
The very first thing I would want to see is majesty
What wonders I would see?
What wonders I would see.
If I could see visions of Lehi’s tree.
And there were loved ones who made fun of me.
Id wish that they could go back to a time.
When all thought of God and a love sublime.
The very first thing I would want to see is majesty
What wonders I would see?
What wonders I would see.
Let Us Be More Prayerful
Let us be more prayerful.
To forget we are prideful.
For He knows what we’re feeling.
And He cares of our dealings.
We can pray in the name of the Son.
He and our Father are as though one.
May our thoughts be as one, as one.
No two prayers are the same
To forget is a sad shame.
For He atoned for one and all.
And hears all our prayers great and small.
We can pray in the name of the Son.
He and our Father are as though one.
May our thoughts be as one, as one.
We can pray to be led.
By the Spirit we are fed,
With His love of unbound measure.
And with promptings that we’ll treasure.
We can pray in the name of the Son.
He and our Father are as though one.
May our thoughts be as one, as one.
His Truth Can Lead Us
Our Savior’s teachings are in the scriptures.
He used parables to paint pictures.
The truths are as a living fountain.
Our lit candle is on the mountain.
Covenants help us learn to feel that He’s near.
Temples have a balm that helps our mind clear.
When our eyes see, and ears hear, we find.
Choice visions will come into our mind.
His truth can lead us
For His spirit, we do pray.
He’ll never leave us.
Pray we don’t go astray,
This day.
Let’s remember why we take the water, bread.
Our savior did redeem the dead.
With the sacrament souls are nourished.
We’re renewed, families are encouraged.
Line upon line, we’ve a course we can chart.
Then our temptations strength fall apart.
Regardless of what the circumstance.
There can be a light in our countenance.
His truth can lead us
For His spirit, we do pray.
He’ll never leave us.
Pray we don’t go astray,
This day.
When we’re searching for truth the Son is the source.
He has a plan to chart our course.
Charity helps our steps to become light.
For using heart strength and all our might.
We learn through Him that the Father is near.
When we say a heartfelt prayer we will hear.
Loving words, help for our stride to lengthen.
Till the day when we’ll rest in heaven.
His truth can lead us
For His spirit, we do pray.
He’ll never leave us.
Pray we don’t go astray,
This day.
With eternal rest our prayers will be answered.
Our souls restored and time is conquered.
Gratefully we’ll run to the Son to greet.
And with tears of joy we’ll wash His feet.
With trumpets and heavenly choir all around.
All tongues will confess each knee to the ground.
That Jesus is the Christ and our Savior.
Thankful for His infinite favor.
His truth can lead us
For His spirit, we do pray.
He’ll never leave us.
Pray we don’t go astray,
This day.
We Resolve
May some families seek to be more resolute?
Beginning with one thing that’s minute.
Love and our knowledge is what we take.
And now, today.
Lets not ignore, we’ve habits to break.
Time is what you make.
Sometimes families can feel a lot of pain.
Cry with each other love will reign.
Love and our knowledge is what we take.
And now, today.
It’s our family that we’ll not forsake.
We’ve memories to make.
A proclamation will help us this year.
We’ll make the time to hold family near.
Love and our knowledge is what we take.
And now, new day.
A loving home. It’s ours to make.
It’s ours to make.
Our afflictions are often renewed.
We’re sealed together. So, let’s not feud.
Now, who is home? Who will open the gate?
And now, today
Work on habits. It’s not too late.
To open the gate.
With a second chance there are lessons to learn.
Part of a home, for this we do yearn.
Who is home, who will open the gate?
And now, new day.
Open the gate, loved ones do wait.
Just open the gate.
We can learn to use our love and knowledge
To serve our Father. And to not hedge.
For Heavenly Father has a gate.
That we’ll await.
Serve each other like they’re your brother.
And love each other.
An Inspired Song of Prayer
The beats in all music spring life to our lives.
Where emotions thrive.
Hymns turn off all the tunes that take.
They Hymns will quiet appetites that need to break.
The hymns connect us to Holy Scriptures
And when they are hummed they turn the mind pure.
We feel a soothing reverence.
For an inspired song of prayer can make a loving difference.
The words in all music stay inside the head.
Beware where you’re lead.
Hymns turn off the thoughts that linger.
The Hymns will nourish us with knowledge that all hunger.
The hymns connect us to Holy Scriptures
And when they are hummed they turn the mind pure.
We feel a soothing reverence.
For an inspired song of prayer can make a loving difference.
So when it is faith, repentance we seek.
Sing a hymn when we feel weak.
They will lighten hearts, spirits.
Replace all the bad thoughts,
And change our limits.
The hymns connect us to Holy Scriptures
And when they are hummed they turn the mind pure.
We feel a soothing reverence.
For an inspired song of prayer can make a loving difference.
Hum the melody, for inside them lies,
An easy way to memorize.
Sing the favorites when we are tried.
They will invite the Spirit to be our guide.
The hymns connect us to Holy Scriptures
And when they are hummed they turn the mind pure.
We feel a soothing reverence.
For an inspired song of prayer can make a loving difference.
What I wish every new member knew
and every lifelong member remembered
Now that you're baptized, you're on a journey.
There are vistas as far as the eye can see.
There are wonders and beauty and a glad song.
Be of good cheer, Christ will lead you along.
He gives us wisdom to finish and with joy.
To a celestial reward we'll enjoy.
Now that you're baptized you're on a journey.
Don't let this day be forgotten and flee.
We cannot flag or fail or halt halfway.
Those who endure are guiltless the last day.
Jesus our Lord will judge all from this world.
Someday earth's events will become unfurled.
We can wash garments in blood of the Lord.
With faith, we repent. He's shown we're adored.
With contrite Spirit and heart broken.
By way of covenant, we are now chosen.
Where ere we walk, there's a light in the path.
If we love the Lord, and do as he hath.
As garments are washed in blood of the Lord,
Now, there is much joy for you to live for.
Avoid backward glances where there's darkness.
Walk with the angels, you'll see much progress.
Our paths ascend up hills most of the days.
And, we've the Godhead's help in divine ways.
We've been urged to put our hands to the plow.
Some things the Holy Ghost can not allow.
This Gift is part of a Heavenly Kingdom.
We're asked to keep God's words of great wisdom.
Our eyes have not seen, nor have our ears heard,
Yet, we're enlightened and we move forward.
We've been urged to put our hand to the plow.
There is something more the Lord will endow.
As we press on, there is brightness and hope.
And the Holy Ghost dwells and helps us to cope.
He is our guide, on the path we should stay.
He's there on the path. He's there night and day.
We have our trials. They're suited to us.
We need not compare or think they're unjust.
We can have a constant companionship.
If we consciously pray and seek for it.
Promptings' warm feelings give light on our way.
And, help us discern what might be in gray.
We have our trials. They're suited to us.
Though we have them, we endure and we trust.
We've blessings more than we have burdens.
The church is a community of friends.
We'll help each other find eternal worth.
Here you will find help from Heaven on earth.
- Elder Holland
We need preparation, inspiration
We need preparation, inspiration for doing as we should.
With understanding there’s higher standing.
For doing what is good.
We need preparation, inspiration for knowing what is right.
With scriptures that contain a power to change
For doing what is bright.
We need preparation, inspiration to live the golden rule.
With patience that each day we will improve
Our life here is our school.
We need preparation, inspiration to return home to thee.
With covenants that we make and with callings we take
We serve Him more dutifully.
Faith to Move Mountains
Faith is the wellspring of activity
To move a mountain despite gravity
As a simple grain of a small mustard seed,
We grow increased faith. It’s what we most need.
May faith be as Israel’s cloud?
And lead us on our way.
May faith be as Israel’s cloud?
And strengthen day by day.
Faith full of charity on our Lord Jesus,
We’ll grow the founding roots of hope and trust.
And of the great cause of which we are a part,
Bless us to be meek and lowly of heart.
May faith be as a warm candle
Bright with holy light?
May faith be as a candle
To guide us in the night?
Our Prophet would hold on as does a trees last leaf
To give his people a clear strategy.
Built on God’s instruction, and if we have the faith.
He’ll bless us with strength to do as the Lord sayeth.
He’ll teach of Jesus Christ,
And of his light to guide.
He’ll lead us to Jesus Christ.
He’ll see us through our time.
The greatest pickup line ever made
The greatest pickup line ever made
His name was Big Jake and hers was Jade.
He said, “I’ve been waiting for you all my life,
I’ve dreamt that you are to be my wife.”
She asked of him a simple request.
That their wedding day would be the best.
The greatest request ever made.
His name was Big Jake and hers was Jade.
Jade’s daddy had dreams for that day,
He would give his little girl away.
Jade asked that their love wouldn’t fade.
Of losing his love she was afraid.
It was Big Jake’s best letter he wrote
Then, her daddy then sent back this note:
Till I can give away your hand,
Please wear Momma’s wedding band.
Another sad day Jade was to live.
The news was Daddy’s life he did give.
The greatest purchase he ever made.
His name was Big Jake and hers was Jade.
A Jade pendant strung on a brass braid.
In the shape of a hand grenade.
For her daddy and the lives he saved.
He’d tossed a handful to a brigade.
His name was Big Jake and hers was Jade
Their vows were made where Daddy lay.
And side by side on that braided string
A piece of jade and Momma’s ring
Wedding guests please honor Daddy’s quest:
To give a needed hand with no regrets.
This free and safe country Jade deserves
A man learns that  who he love he serves
And this view is how love is preserved
From a man who served in the reserves.
Daddy gave his life and Momma’s band.
He wanted to give away his Jade’s hand.
Imagine the Day
Imagine the day when we will not feel old and gray.
And there’s delight in all that we do in and say
A day at last that’s governed by Zion’s choice and righteous,
Who are honest when they say you can trust in us.
Where none would think to harm or try to be cruel.
We’ll see Zion when Jesus comes to rule.
A great millennial day is coming our way.
In our Lord’s time and with out delay.
Imagine the day when storms cease and clouds are for play.
With beauty restored, to a crowning array.
Each man will contribute all the wonders he can do.
We’ll each have a task and we will enjoy it too.
Apologies no more for debt and late bill.
And meals will fill, yet won’t be from a kill.
A great millennial day is coming our way.
In our Lord’s time and with out delay.
Imagine the day when there’s no longer decay.
When we’ll all be healed, and disease stays away.
The barren will have children, to play with the lamb and the asp.
We’ll have much more than we ever could dream to ask.
The gospel will be taught while Satan is not.
And we will remember what time has forgot’.
A great millennial day is coming our way.
In our Lord’s time and with out delay.
Imagine the day when the Savior comes our way
With His glory brighter than of noon day
As the earth is cleansed will we be raised to His heavenly cloud?
Where the bounds of gravity no longer enshroud?
The weak made strong to join the angels in song
He’ll reunite loved ones, His to belong.
A great millennial day is coming our way.
In our Lord’s time and with out delay.
The Magical Hours
The hours I spend with you, my Love, are magical indeed.
I grow more certain every day that you’re just what I need
To fill the void within my heart and make my life complete.
A gentle spirit, warm and kind. Devoted. Faithful. Sweet.
In short, you’re everything I crave. My dreams have come to life.
I scarce believe that you’ve agreed to be my loving wife.
And so I offer, every day, my thanks to God above.
My heart, once empty, lives anew, and fairly bursts with love.

Rick Miller
Talk with me, Sweet Angel
Talk with me, sweet angel, on the telephone tonight.
Thrill me with your laughter as you fill my soul with light.
The precious moments fly so quick, it’s neither fair nor right.
I yearn so much to be with you, to hold you, gently, tight.
Walk with me, sweet angel, through a gentle summer rain,
In wooded hills, on sandy shores, or down a country lane.
Hand in hand let’s roam the land, cross valley, peak and plain.
Enjoy the birds, the winds, the sounds of nature’s sweet refrain.
Love me, my sweet angel, and feel my love in return.
Let us always know the wonder of a heart that’s meant to burn
With great desire, a blazing fire, emotions roil and churn,
And then turn gentle, tender, sweet – what lessons we will learn!
It saddens me to see the world so full of pain and strife,
Yet we can build a refuge filled with peace and joy so rife.
Marry me, sweet angel, be the center of my life.
There could be no grander pleasure than to have you as my wife.
Rick Miller
The Proposal
The stars are out, the night’s divine,
The breeze caresses every tree.
My heart is full. Complete my life –
Sweet Kelly, will you marry me?
The stars are out, the night’s divine,
The breeze caresses every tree.
My heart is full. Complete my life –
Sweet Kelly, will you marry me?
October 1998
I stare into your deep brown eyes
And feel the urge to kill some flies…
Rick Miller
the kelly drug
(a la Elmer Fudd)
I’m floating in a Kelly haze
I’ve walked on air for days and days.
Friends ask what’s wrong, but I just shrug –
I tell them it’s the Kelly drug….
The Kelly drug – it feels so fine!
It makes my whole life so divine.
But they can’t have none, ‘cause you see –
There’s just one Kelly, and she’s for me.
Rick Miller
come gaze at the moon
Come gaze at the moon and remember me
As I gaze at the moon and dream of you.
What a delightsome love we share,
What an incredible courtship, we two.
Surely you know how I pine for you so,
How I rant at the distance which keeps us apart.
How I long to be with you, to gaze in your eyes.
I miss you with every beat of my heart.
And so I beseech Father Time to be kind,
And to hasten his flight ‘til I’m with you anew,
To drink in your beauty, to bask in your smile,
To revel in the love that comes only from you.
Rick Miller
Comment by anonymous on Apr. 19, 2008 @ 12:25 pm
   You are an amazing writer.  I also write poetry, short stories and so on.  Keep on writing.