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Wed - May 04, 2011 : 11:16 am
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Much To Share
Wednesday April 4, 2011


 Hey everyone! I'm so happy to be back. Sorry if I haven't posted anything lately but I've been really busy. As you know from my last post that I was going to participate in an Easter musical/drama(More Than Just A Man) Which was at Living Word Church).  The show was a complete success. Even though on the very first show the CD skipped More Than Just Aat the enchore me and the rest of the cast members still kept singing. Because like the saying goes, "The show must go on." But, this wasn't really done for show. I was to be a blesseing to other's and to share the love of Jesus with the lost. Anyway, it was a wonderful experience. There was also a show the following weekend but I didn't perform for that one because I was going to be gone on a trip that weekend to a womens conference which is also something I'm going to share.Me and serveral women from the chruch I go to (Freedom Church) get together every year and go up to the mountains to have an encounter with the Lord and fellowship. Each moring we would have worship and Bible studying. Then for the rest of the day we would just go off and do our own indiviual thing. Some times in groups and sometimes indiviually. We did alot of walking and hiking( which is something I dearly love to do) and we also grapped some coffee at Starbucks, Oh Yeah! But the most exciting part was playing in the "Pink Snow." Yes, it may sound strange to you at first but just hold on a minute. I'll explain. On the next to the last day me and five other women decied to take a walk downtown. It was a very windy day. There where trees on each side of the benches in the area with pink flowers on them. So we decided for fun to start playing in the flowers peddles that where already on the ground.  We continue in that for about an hour or two and then took big grocery bags back to our cabin ( which by the way was so awesome) and dumped it on the women who stayed behind at the cabin just to show them what they missed. Yup, now that's what I call good clean fun.Right now I'm not in school. Actually, I had to drop my class because I just wasn't doing so well. Even though I sought help from a tutuor my grade was still and ugly F. I cried several times becasue this was the first semester of me being back in school from being out of it for about two years. The town that I live in is going to be getting a Wal-Mart Super Center and my mom knows someone at her job who works there and who could get me a job there for the summer. I'm really excited and I have confidence that everything is going to go well.I can't wait for this summer vacation to start. For many reasons is first, I'll be celebrating my 25th birthday and I hope to go to a concert on that birthday (please don't ask who I'm going to see in concert becasue I have no idea). Second, I'll be going to World Changers (which is a week long mission trip for teens and young adults), third I'm on the catering/partying committee at church so I'll be busy setting up and hosting alot of baby and wedding showers and fourth, go to the beach with my family. At least I hope where going.It seems like what one of my friends told me is true. Life does go by faster as you get older but to be honest I don't really feel any older or look like it( Yeah!) I guess in my heart I'll always be a kid and feel like one too.I'm so glad to be back and to share all these wonderful blessings in my life with all of you. May the Lord bless you all. Have a great, safe and fun summer vacation. 


Written with lots of love,Shadya