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Thu - Apr 29, 2010 : 05:11 pm
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Random Thoughts
Hey Guys,

Okay so its been a really really long time since I last wrote anything.  I just recently remembered my password and that is a really big part of my reason for not writing.  I know this is suppose to be like a diary (right or wrong?), but I would perfer to think that its more of a letter to a best friend (hope that don't sound to weird...).

Recently my dads foot has fully healed, which I thank god for everyday,  And my mom is moving back down here this summer.  I am unbelievably happy with how my life is going now a days, and after rereading the what I wrote the last two times I posted....I feel bad for making such a big deal out of nothing 

Ahg!  I am so excited my birthday is in eight days my step-brothers is in seven, and my best-friends is in  10 days!  Not to mention a week and one day after my birthday my cousin gets home from Iraq (sp?). 

I have been working on short stories for the past year, and now I am working on an actual book so wish me luck on getting it published :).  I think that that is one of my major goals in life.  Now-a-days my dad bugs me about always being on the computer but hey the computer is sadly a BIG part of my life.  Its not like I depend on it though, I can get off when I want but seems how all of my friends have gotten boy-friends they don't want to just chill like we use to.  Hmmm....I wonder. 


Anyway I thnk thats enough for now,

and Any of you who read my other two post I apologize for them being so overly dramatic when the couple problems I was facong was absolutely nothing compared to what alot of yall were going through...

Wow  I can't believe I am going to be thriteen in eight days!!!

Love always,