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Wed - Aug 13, 2008 : 01:03 pm
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Reason i choose my nickname
If you knew me youd understand why i choose my name lifesux111.But you dont so i guess ill do a lil explainin.My life sux for a couple different reasons.#1I lost my bestfriend last night we have been friends for 5 years scince i moved down here.#2My dad got a blood blister like sometime last June which tottally sux bigtime!!!#3My mom left when i was 7 or 8 i forgot but i do know it was a long time ago and when she left she tok my lil bro,and my lil bro was really coool hes two years younger then me and right now im 11 but scince his b-day isnt til September hes only 8 which is the age i lst saw him.I miss him so much.Last time i tlked to him he had just won 3 awards in basketball awesome right?!?!?!?Wrong because he also informed me that he had twisted his ankle on a fishing trip with his dad:((which once again totally sux.

but the main reason i choose this name is because of number one


dont stop the music!!!!!!!!!!!!music is my life!!!!!!!!
Comment by anonymous on Dec. 17, 2008 @ 11:58 am
take care of your self and pray and god will help you..