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Fri - Nov 20, 2009 : 10:37 pm
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Jazz Goodness...
I just got done playing some sweet jazz for a client, and with the usual rock 'n' roll requests coming in, this was a great change of pace.

I'm always intrigued at the different nuances that exist between styles of music as it pertains to rhythm and percussion.  Rock and roll pounds out some great 4/4 along the occasional 3/4 timing, with solid fills, and high energy, while jazz has an entirely different feel.

It seemed tonight that the natural sound of the individual drums being played sporatically, along with razor-sharp timing was more important in jazz, than in rock.  Instead of my body pounding out a 4-limb machined beat in rock'n'roll,  the occasional snare and ride hit in the jazz piece was much more sensitive to the technical aspects of the hit, and the microphones made sure to capture exactly what I was doing.

Not sure, but I felt a bit more exposed in my style and technique playing jazz tonight, than I normally do - and I thought I'd write it down.

While the rock 'n' roll will always have a permanent residence on my palette of favorites and definitely retain its high influence in my music-to-blood ratio...

...I gotta admit - playing some jazz tonight sure made me happy.