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Wed - May 20, 2009 : 12:11 am
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Cecilia's 1st lost tooth!
Cecilia lost her first tooth on Monday!!  It is quite a funny story. 
Her tooth has been loose for a while now and it got to the point where I am sure Jason or I could of pulled it out, but she did not want us to try.  When she woke up Monday morning and we were eating breakfast it looked like her tooth was hanging half off and I asked her if I could try to pull it out, but once again she did not want me too so I didn't push it. 

Well, the day went on and the neighbor boy (Heber) came over to see if Cecilia could play.  She didn't want to becauce he only had boy toys, but Collin wanted to so we all walked up there to see if Collin could come play instead of Cecilia.  On our was walking up there Cecilia is eating an apple.  While we are waiting for Heber's mom to answer the door Cecilia takes a bit of apple out of her mouth and tells me it tastes funny, so I figure it is just a bad part and tell her to throw it in the grass.  So she does, we talk to Heber's mom a little and then walk home. 

As we are going home, Jason pulls up for lunch, so we all go in to have lunch.  As Jason and Cecilia are eating lunch Jason says "you lost your tooth".  Cecilia says "no I didn't", then procceds to feel where her tooth was and sure enough it is gone.  Cecilia and I look at each other and are in shock that we didn't realize she lost it, then I remember the apple.  We start walking around outside to look for it on the ground somewhere.  Then I remember how she complained about that bite she took outside of Heber's door.  I run up to his front door and there laying on there doormat is her little baby tooth!!!  I couldn't believe it!  I ran back to our house as Cecilia was running to me and I showed her her first lost tooth!  She thought it looked small. 


Here are some pictures of her without her tooth.