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Sun - May 10, 2009 : 06:22 pm
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Mormon Prom
So last night was the big Mormon Prom, me and my boyfriend Sean looked great! I had spent all day getting my hair and stuff done, and it really paid off in the end. Even though I was running like 15 minutes late to where Sean has wanted to take some pictures.

It took two and a half hours to do my hair, so I didn't get to leave in time. So I told Sean I was going to be just a little late... Well I rushed home and changed really really fast then had to wait until my brother finshed getting ready and we ran out the door and I called Sean to tell him I was on my way, you know what he said to me?! He was so unable to be paitent that he said " You said your were going to be late, not half an hour late!" I was still putting on my makeup while talking to him, going down the road..... We were driving as fast as the speedlimit out permit. So my mom looked back at as I said into the phone " You impaitent little boy! I'm hurrying! Gosh" My dad being the smooth laid back man that he is, told me to ask Sean if he wanted my dad to turn around and take me back home. Sean didn't like that much lol.
Then he called me five minutes later and asked where we were and then asked me to go somewhere else to meet them.... Fine! So I'm stressing now.

We pulled up, and I checked myself in the mirror and then Sean came to car door and got me, then he handed me three ( a special number to me) yellow roses ( my favorite) Then he put my ristlet on me and I tried to put his flower on him but couldn't do it. ( His mom broke it :(...) So we went to dinner at this really fine place I had never heard of I couldn't read the menu because it was in french....................... So after they told me what everything was and we had eaten we headed up to the ballroom. There were so many buildings we went into four WRONG buildings until we found the right one. 

As soon as we got there they lined us up by stake, I'm in a diffrent one then Sean and our friends that came with droves us. So I ended up going in before them and I soon found this one friend of mine ( She has snake bites.. Which is two fang like rings in her lips and she's very........ Diffrent) and I really like her. She's a good friend.
Well when my other friends came up and Sean looked at her and he walked away. So I turned and went after him, he said he hated her and wouldn't let me hang out with her! I got mad because she is one of the few friends I have, so we ended up all haning out. We danced all night and had a great time!
Tons and tons of pictures were taken of Sean and I, but I never got any pictures of the four of us, which I really wanted.

The prom ended at 10:30pm so my rules where I had to be home ay midnight. The ballroom was just a little over an hour and a half from my house. So you know we could so make it home in time. Well the boys had to use the restroom and stopped at their house and left me and my friend in the car, so I sent my mom a message and told her I was going to be a little late. She was cool with it, and then I had fun with Sean when we got back in the car... HE HE HE.... See when he got in the car and slid over next to me I looked him in the eye and said " I told my mom I'm going to be late, I didn't sat 20 minutes late!" Me and my friend that also waited in the car just laughed. I ended up getting home at 12:11am. So I wasn't that late.

I waited for my brother to get home from a school prom with his date, he ended up coming home at 1:15am because they went bowling. We had a great time with his girl.

This morning I woke up to the sweet smell of yellow roses by my bed and little text message from Sean saying good morning. He's really sweet, when he wants to be lol! So as a home schooled kid, I can say prom was really awesome! :-)