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School and the girl

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Wed - Feb 11, 2009 : 03:13 pm
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Blahhhh i dont know
today was pretty boring and i am really tired and really sick of all the school work that we have to do most of it is pointless.
Comment by Dara on Feb. 12, 2009 @ 01:28 pm
I felt the same way all through school, then through college. So much of it feels like busy work, doesn't it?
Comment by PoeticIntensity on Feb. 13, 2009 @ 11:08 am
Man, I felt so much the same way, bro.  Highschool, for me, was kind of a joke.  The important thing is, though, that you finish.  Get your diploma and do your best.

The same thing happened in College, but it was a lot less pointless - and much harder.

Most of the stuff you learn in highschool and college is more "training your brain", than actual numbers and facts.

The thing I learned most in college was how to learn.

Well worth it, in my opinion.  Keep at it.