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School and the girl

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Tue - Feb 10, 2009 : 10:36 pm
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School and the girl
So today i got lucky. Recently i got a letter in the mail and it said that I have been late to first period too many times and it said for every additional tardy I would have to server 30 minutes of morning enrichment which is just another name for detention. My mom woke me up after i wouldnt wake up for my alarm clock and then after that i went back to sleep for about 15 minutes which really costed me. Of course I was late and to my luck my teacher was doing announcments so he wasnt in class so i didnt get marked for a tardy!! It continues that i have not had to go to morning enrichment for this whole year which i am really proud of myself for and i am going to try to go for the whole year without one session. But anyways today all the classes were regular except for english because that is the class that "the girl" is in and she came over and talked to me so i was totally physched. That made my whole day and i am really starting to like her a lot more. Oh and then i found out that the essay that was supposed to be due today isnt due until tomorrow so i wasted my whole day yesterday writing a pointless essay. So that was my day.

When i got home I just chilled out because i was really tired and i didnt want to do anything. But, unfortunatly i had math homework which i finished in a breeze. Following that i got a huge headache because i hadnt had my caffeine for the day which i went and got. That made me HAPPY again!!!