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Wed - Jun 11, 2008 : 10:43 am
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Rude Boys at Girls Camp
So I went to girls camp last week. I had a great time too!
They had each tent be a family and each family had an oldest girl, I was the oldest in the whole camp so I was the big sister. That ment that I had the job to watch after all the girls in my tent, witch canged each day because two went home and then something bad happend and all 6 girls from another tent were forsed into mine.... O gosh let me tell you about that! What happend was on the last day these people moved beside us and we moved one tent over behind mine so they would touch the other camp site, so after we moved the huge tent and got the girls back together I got my family "Las Hermanas" to start packing so our trip home would be easyir and faster. Come night fall I got all Las Hermanas to walk to the bathrooms together, by that time it was just three of us! We started off with five... But My grupe left the batheroom and I had this feeling come over me that I needed to stay with this younger group who's tent got moved, there was only two of them in the bathroom. OK I'm a  very small girl for my age but the girls left behind are tiny! I mean TINY and this was their first year of camp, I being older and a whole lot stornger and getting that feeling I did, I sent my Las Hermanas back to camp and asked them to send one of our Male leaders up there. There was a grupe of guys that sent a since of CREEPY down my spine, they came and waited outside the bathroom for all three of us to leave......

When we got backto camp every body was making fun of me because when our leaders got there no one was there! I know what I felt and saw! People were there.
So I kept my knife close to me the rest of the night. Little did I know how close it needed to be!

Later on that night we all went to bed and the people who had moved beside us got to drinking and cursing real bad! They were laud enough that our Bishop went and asked them to stop because of all the youth we had trying to sleep. But the people got worse!
They said they were going to kill the bishop and then went looking for him, in MY tent! They stood out side and watched us all night. But things got even worse! They begane to DO thing * hint hint*  they were so laud that we heard far to much. After they "DID" things they talked about it. My gosh what they were saying was so offel that we had two 12 year old girls crying and throwing up, I'm telling you it was bad. I tryed to get the girls to sleep and we ended up praying and praying that these peple would pass out. But they got lauder and lauder and even more nasty! I'm scared that the girls might have been scared by it!!! I stayed up all night watching all the girls and the people to make sure we'de be safe.

When morning came.... Dang the five guys and two girls came out naked looking for their clothing and just walked around nude! They tossed beer bottles at us and shatterd bottles all over out camp site and tents riped mine! Luckly no one was hurt.

But my Pa said that he can't believe our leaders did nothing! I can't either. But one leader the one who made fun of me because of that feeling I got, he had no idea that was happing and would have put an end to it.

When we left I found out that the people by the bathroom were the people beside me in the other tent.


My parenets said this may end up being my last year since the leaders did nothing about the nude people.

HHHH people make me sick some times. I mean how can people do things like? My family prayed the other night that I would forget and over come what happend that night, but how can you forgot something of that kind?

I wish I had a friend to talk about it with. But I guess that's what my journal is for right.


Comment by nikki on Jun. 12, 2008 @ 03:32 pm
hey u have me to talk to bout it jus email me mesa u no my email adress i no u do we've been emailing each other lol and im srry bout wat happened i no u were scared
Comment by PoeticIntensity on Jun. 12, 2008 @ 05:49 pm
Title changed by admin due to innuendo.
Comment by anonymous on Jul. 22, 2008 @ 01:25 am
wow i cant believe that happened. thats so scary! im sure they tried to do something though. leaders are good at that. hehe