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Fri - May 23, 2008 : 08:05 pm
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So Anyone ever heard of Paul Michael Glaser? He is like the best actor! Well next to Johnny Depp. But any way my Pa loves him, in high school he and his best friend were called "Starsky and Hutch" because they acted so much like the real Starsky and hutch. My PA was Starsky, and to this day is called that! he owns all the old tv shows on dvd and one day hope to own a jacket like in the very first show woren by Mr. Glaser.
But what I wanted to say is, for fathers day I'm getting my Pa something he'll love forever. Each year he has kinda gotten a lame gift ( a long story that I won't go into) but this year I plan on getting him a autograpked picture of Mr. Glaser himself. I did a lot of digging and looking around and founr a lady that works for him, yes I know she works for him. But she gave me an address and told me what to do as to get a picture.

But to get it I need all the luck in the world! Things don't really come easy in my family, and this is somthing I want because I just want my father to know I DO love him and I just want to see his face.... * Sniffles* Sorry see I've felt kinda depressed for a long time and some times well it's like I ain't got no body. Not even..... Well.... I don't wanna say it!

It's my journal I'll say what I want....

I miss Sara!!!!!!!!!! I've called her and e-mailed her, I got great news to tell her. Also I just need her. But if I ain't hear from her I've been wondering if she is doing ok? She moved really far away and I think she knows that we may never see each other again.
When I feel bad and can't explan it then I know she is feeling bad. I hope that my feelings are wrong though, like every time I hope she's not feeling that bad!

See I never told her this, but you know how people say " I would die for you!" Well I would not die for Sara! No I'd do better than that, I'd live for her! And some times that's the only reison I do... I wish I could tell her that!

Well Tomorrow is a huge trip for the youth of my church and they don't come a whole lot.... * Hint hint hint* To go on our trip I gotta ride w/ the leader who I dislike, well theres two of 'em but this one... I still have a hard time with both, but riding with her! I thought about jumping cars when we pick up other youth, but my paretns told me " In order to get past all this you have to put it behind you."  how do I get past it? I mean the two young womens pres leaders messed up my life and made distrust every body. Ok I did not trust people before them, but what they did made me not trust ANY ONE any more. I hatted them so much, I did not go to church! And I love church. I've prayed and begged to over come my hate, I even tryed being nice to them. I can't I just can't do it... I feel like... What kind of person dose God think I am? Letting something like this mess up my whole life. How could he love me if I hate them SO much?

Gosh..... This is the kind of stuff Sara helped me with! She was helping my faith far more then she knew!  She kept me going.... O gee I'm crying again! How lame is that?

I think I'm done for the night....

I'll write latter.

Comment by christine on Jun. 11, 2008 @ 03:19 pm
theres probally nothing wrong with sara mesa shes probally just busy seems how its summer and all trying to get use to everything u know

mesa theres nothin wrong with crying and with a heart like yours u probally dont hate them u just feel that way and well ull come to 4give em but they did basically mess u up woth the not trusting thing

dont stop the music!music is my life!!!