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Wed - Jun 11, 2008 : 10:06 am
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hey look chrissy i do no that my dad could hurt us both very badly but i wouldnt let him do that to megan she is like a big sis to me and i live her you and i love you 2 and i think ur a cool lil person chrissy and believe me i would never invite megan over knowing my dad would hurt her that isthe only time he has ever done something like that with megan there so dont worry i wouldnt let ur big sis get hurt cause i need megan she helps me out alot through hard times and good times and most of the good times in my life has been baecause of megan and jessie and i love them both they aer like family and i dont no wat i could do with out eithet oe of them and jessie has already beat my dads butt once so he could do it again cause jessie is really strong even if he doesnt look like it to u.anyway chrissy why dont u write me back sometime please
Comment by chrissy on Jun. 22, 2008 @ 08:01 pm
hey sorry i8 havnt been on much l8ley and i forgot my pass so i have another file but anyways wassup becky and im really sorry bout what happened right recenly cause its really screwed up they did that and i wont say anymore bout that but becky you can email me anytime you want at christinerawles@yahoo.comloe you to becky you rock!