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Fri - May 09, 2008 : 09:43 am
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Sometimes it doesnt seem like i have anyfriends at alll cause i always get ditched and ignored at school wen megan isnt there cause desie always seems to wanna hang wit the other ppl in our class then me cause she says me and megan are alot closer then me and her which is true but still.and i wish she could come stay wit me this weekend cause of my scared of my dad and megan is the only person who helps me out wen i have to face my dad cause i call her or have her come stay wit me and one time she stayed wit me and my dad went to slap me in my face megan went and took a lamp and bashed it over his head it was really funny but scary 2 cause we were scared after that and went and locked our selfs in my room and didnt come out for the rest of the nite and im lucky megan still comes and stays with me after that happened.she said shell always be there 4 me and she wasnt lien when she said that and she knows ill always be there 4 her and she knows that cause of what happened one time wen we where hanging out at the square after that day is wen we became really close but i cant say wat happened at the square megan can tell u if she wants even though it would be wrong cause its our businesse anyways i miss her cause i havent seen or talked 2 her in two days and its killing me here i wish she would have came today anyways i have 2 go math class is almost over and i got to get off the computer i shouldnt even be on this site cause im at school and ill get in trouble if i get caught anyways bye 4 now ppl
Comment by christine(megans lil sis) on May. 13, 2008 @ 03:55 pm
yeah yall r lucky cause if ur dad is dat bad becky den he could hurt both o yal serevely but i do wanna say just cause i dont know you dat well i dolove ya like a sis and thanx 4 4giving me by da way cmt_music_awards is my file
Comment by chrissy on Jun. 11, 2008 @ 03:12 pm
thanx for the heads up bout sabrina