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Wed - Apr 30, 2008 : 02:58 pm
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He must really love us
A few days ago some things were said that hurt my feelings really really bad. Needls to say I was kinda down. I started believeing what was said and felt really worthless, I called that girl I talked about in the last blog not the crush one but the one before that. Well I called her and  just talked, turned out she was feeling kinda down too! She brought up something that really got me to thinking. "Heavnly Father must be watching over us" She said. She always cheers me up, she's the best thing that ever happend to me! So I hate to make her addvise less then what it really is, but I don't think Heavnly Father is watching out for us. I think he loves us BOTH, she told me that "God would not make anything worthless or ulgy" she's always telling me this really great things! And she's right, he would not make anything or any body that he did not love, like a new mother with her child :-) 
You see my friend Sara is like a compess for me, she's always showing me just how wonderful the world can be. And teaching me how to be storng. She shows me by exaple how to live and act, so you see she's far more then a friend or compess!  Theres not a word for what she is, but the closest I can come is a saint! 
What she dose not know, is that a few time I've giving up and broken in the past, not too long ago infact I wanted to disaper and never be found, then I found a girl just a few years younger then me named Christine, her and Sara have made me feel so difrent. They've made me feel like I'm so alone and that sone one out there DOSE care! So, God is not just looking out for us. He's loves us! Why else would he send people like Sara and Christine to the earth, but to help and change the world, one small seemingly unimmportant person at a time to see; no one is unimmportant.

Though times we may stuggle and have a hard time, there is always greatness in the world to be found.We should never give up! Always keep seaching both to be help and your chance to help some one who feels the way you once did. If people could only keeps that in mind, the world might be a better place.....

Well I've never said things like that before! See the spirt can even help people like me. B-)

Comment by PoeticIntensity on Apr. 30, 2008 @ 05:15 pm
Isn't friendship awesome?  Those friends who bring you up to believe you truly are a son or daughter of God are true friends indeed.  Sometimes it's hard to feel that this is true, but good friends sure to make it easier.

Thank you for sharing, Koyote Dreams.
Comment by Winko9 on May. 05, 2008 @ 02:00 pm
        Do you really mean those things you said about me Maiden?  Thank you so much!!  I love you more than you'll ever know.  Heavenly Father does love us.  He loves us so much we can't even begin to comprehend how much he loves us!

             Love your eternal sister,

Comment by nikki on May. 09, 2008 @ 09:37 am
hey i no christine infact shes my sis and she is really cool and its good 2 no she can helpu cause she really is a good person.shes my lil sis and i love her 2 death even wen we do get into fights but anyway u should write to me sometime plz
Comment by christine on May. 22, 2008 @ 02:55 pm
yes niki is my sis but about u im srry i havent been on comp was down love ya email me sometime mesa plz
Comment by nikki on Jun. 11, 2008 @ 09:20 am
hey im srry bout wat happened mesa i really am and id like to be friends if u would