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Tue - Apr 29, 2008 : 07:31 pm
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A lost crush
Ok, I'm all confused! Theres this boy, he's a year older then me and majorly hott! 
About a year I met him and fell for him :-) as girls do lol but this guy was somthing... something amazing he was perfect, I'm only 15 but I knew how perfect he was. Well we e-mailed everyday and he called me a few times. But he gose to school and leavs kinda far from me, well at YC last year there was a dance and I was hanging wit hmy new fraind Braden, well I saw the guy I liked a lot go out the door! Of corse I fallowed him duh. Well I should not have! I saw him with this other girl... Kissing her, after he had be acting like he liked ME I've not talked to him since then.

Now, about three weeks ago I saw his new picture on his email and told him it was... nice. his reply was" O really, YOU like it? You can keep it babe." now I'm spinning, what the heck? babe? where did that come from? Two years ago when I had a bf he never even called me  any nick name is was always my first name ( which by the way I don't go by) now this guy I liked a lot has been sending my invites to websites like face book, I don't know what that is. IMVU, and other places, I joint a few but never talk to him.He is acting like he did before. What am I suppost to think?

Plus I have a guy friend that likes me ( a hole lot) and I just wanna be friends. I ain't that pretty, I don't get along with people AT ALL I'm nothing like normal girls my age, I don't dress like them, act like them, don't want to! I'm happy being my self, but I don't understand why.

My guy friends are to scared to say anything to me :-( Why can't any of them say anything, Why do they thing I'm suppost to do it? They way I am, the boy makes the first move. It's just the way things are suppost to be.

Well it's late and I have another LLLLLLOOOOONNNNNGGGG day tomorrow.
I 'll write again soon.


Comment by christine on Apr. 30, 2008 @ 02:24 pm
yeah i can c y ur spinning id b to but also id voice my opions(wich i shouldnt always gets me introuble)thats just who i am

just tell him that u like him in all but u just wanna b friends maybe another time

yeah my dad says that thats true to
Comment by nikki on May. 01, 2008 @ 10:14 am
hey taht sounds really bad anyway u seem really cool can u do me a fav and comment me back so we can talk plz!