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Thu - Apr 17, 2008 : 03:11 pm
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I hate life sometimes i swear.Yesterday i was riding my stupid  bike......which i shouldnt have been doing cause it has 2 flat wheels and when i went to turn around my house i hit a rock or something and the handle bar slipped out of my hand and i lost balence and fell when i fell i landed on the handle bar and i have a hard time walking cause it hurts soooooooo bad.
Comment by Koyote Dreams on Apr. 18, 2008 @ 09:21 pm
I read both of your blogs. You seem to be having a hard time, I often am having a very rough time with life aswel. My only friend is always telling me this " Keep holding on" because I feel like I want to give up and end everything. But you have to kepp holding on, things WILL get better. you just have to hang in there and in time things will be much much better for you!

I hope this helped you some what :-)