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Thu - Apr 17, 2008 : 01:55 pm
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         Hello all of you journal people.  I was thinking about something today.  There is something all of us have in common.  We love to write.  There are thousands of people out there that love this too.  We may not be professional writers, but we will make a difference in the future.  Our children, the ones who will be reading our journals, will learn from our past.  We will even learn from our past by reading our journals.  This love, this thing we have in common with each other will change the world one word at a time.   

        Doing something we love or need to do does not define us.  The Lord doesn't label us, so why should we label ourselves?  This is something I've asked myself many times.  People who need help in math (like myself) may call themselves stupid, but you know something?  Those people aren't stupid.  Everyone has many talents that may be undiscovered or uncovered.  We must use and try to find those talents.  I'm not very great at math because I'm not that kind of thinker, but I am great at writing.  I will use my talent and let my voice be heard.  I hope everyone has a good day.  Please SMILE.  Heavenly Father loves us.
Comment by MESA on Apr. 18, 2008 @ 09:34 pm

It is true, writing is good for us. I just saw your coment to me in the "Life for a southern girl" almost made me cry :-) the other coment from the other person in there was so... wow can you read it?

Sar, I wanted to ask you.... Um how did your name Winko come about? i'd know that name any where but I don't thikn you ever told me how you got it or what it means.

O and Sar, you keep writing! You've made me a better person because of your writing and I'd hate it if you stopped! Are you still needing my help with Emilys song? I had an idea about it if you still do. But I'm sure youres would be better :-) 

Sara.... Know I'm always gonna be beside you no matter what happens! I'll never leave you... I'm always gonna be here.

Keep holding on........ .Because it's your song :-)


Comment by cmt_music_awards on Apr. 29, 2008 @ 03:52 pm
ok well ill think about that ok but i kinda would rather b a photoghrpher if i spelled it write u cant b something u cant spell right well not exactly im confused
Comment by nikki on Jun. 11, 2008 @ 09:33 am
hey iagree id love to be a writer wen i get older i think writing is so much fun!