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Wed - Apr 16, 2008 : 12:41 pm
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     I have an older brother and sister in Brazil on their missions.  I also have another brother at BYU.  My dad went to Iraq twice and recently returned home from his last tour.  Having my dad back has been like a fantacy, but I still miss my brothers and sister.  I have another older brother, another older sister, and a little brother at home. Dad (Ed), mom (Terry), Wade, Amanda, Shawn, Jimmie, Emily, me (Sara) and Zachary.  We are all very close.  I miss us being all being at home together.  The one thing that keeps me going is my family will be together forever. 
Comment by Mesa on Apr. 17, 2008 @ 06:54 pm

HEY! yes I do know the name.

yes Johnny and have been talking almost daily since we talked. But some questions have come up on my side.

yeah now that I think about it, having a big party was kinda of a dumb idea any way!  yeah my first date would be a cool way to spend my b-day. Neil? now that's a thought :-) I will be seeing him a month before my b-day.

I wanted to coment on what you said. I don't know exatly how you're feling, but I do understand missing Wade, Shawn, Amanda. I'm worried about Manti leaving. But this is about YOU so, what I think you should do is, write them all a letter say in that letter just how you feel and tell them everything. But don't send the letters, keep them and read them to your self later. Then send them a real letter. But that's just what I think!

Comment by cmt_music_awards on Apr. 23, 2008 @ 02:22 pm
i have to say te brick thing sounds weird but sure y not
Comment by nikki on Jun. 11, 2008 @ 09:31 am
hey i no how u feel my brothr is in irac right now and my mom in a better place becauseof irac so i no excacly how u feel so why dont u make a public blog labled nikki and write to me on it and ill comment on it so we can talk