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Mon - Sep 28, 1998 : 12:00 am
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Dozen Roses for Diana
I've got a lot of typing to do but i think I've got enough time to do it in now, if I hurry. Let me just
say that last weekend was heavenly. I fell deeper in love with Diana than ever before.

The weekend started at around 8:30pm Friday night when I arrived home in Farmington from
Provo. I called Diana immediately (after noticing some new CDs from Columbia House on the counter for
me) and she said she wasn't doing anything. I asked if she wouldn't mind coming over to my house for a
little while... She said she wouldn't mind at all. Now, everything that had been going on during the middle
of the week set my heart a little bit worried about what would happen when I saw her. Well, I didn't start
things off too terribly right, and here's why.

After I called her, she said she would be right over. So, I ate a little food, grabbed some more and
put it in a bowl. I then went outside and sat down on the sidewalk just across the street from where I knew
she would park. After about 15 minutes of meditating about several things, she drove up. So, I silently
walked over to where she was, waited until she turned off the car, and I opened her door for her. She let
out a shrill scream and was quite scared. She didn't appreciate that too much. After she concluded that
I was at least a little sorry, or she just wanted to let me help her, I helped her out of the car and we walked
down to my house.

The first little while was, I'll have to admit, a little bit awkward. I didn't feel that I could open up
to Diana as much as I normally could have. That lasted for about 30 minutes. We made small talk and just
chit-chatted about various things. Then I decided that I had to do something, or the night would drag on
and on. So, I resorted to the greatest ice-breaker of all! TICKLING! I tickled her just a little bit and that
loosened things up for me a bit. Then, I got a whim to waltz with her. I just happened to have a waltz with
me, but it wasn't a very good one. Still we danced, and as soon as we did, all of my inhibitions were gone.
We spent the rest of the night just playing around and enjoying one another's presence. We kissed a little
bit, too (smirk). During the evening, I got to feeling that I wanted to make this weekend quite special for
Diana. So, I decided to do something that I have always wanted to do but have never had the time, the
girl, nor the money to do. I told her that I would like to see her Saturday night and asked if she would
come to my house in a dress. That perked her interest and, of course, she asked what we were going to
do. I wouldn't budge. We ended on a very good note and that basically (and due to time right now) was
Friday night.

Saturday rolled around and I was awake at 9:30am bound and determined to study accounting for
a test I've got to take today (ack!). So I turned on the computer, read 2 Nephi 1, felt the spirit strongly,
and then tackled my books. I studied for a total of about 2 1/2 hours until Diana called me and relentlessly,
but to no avail, questioned me as to what we were going to do that night. I told her that she would simply
have to wait. She reluctantly agreed and that was that. By her phone call, I decided that I had studied
enough and I had better prepare for that night.

I called up "The Roof" restaurant, "Neff's Flowers", "Legacy Theater", and a couple of other
places to make reservations. Everything worked out perfectly! My wonderful mother and I made plans
for me to take her to the Roof (a restaurant that serves absolutely exquisite food in a very romantic
atmosphere overlooking the steeples of the Salt Lake Temple). During our eating, my mother arranged for
herself to pick up a dozen roses (11 red and 1 white) that I had already paid for, and take them up to the
restaurant. We also made reservations for the 7:30pm showing of Legacy. Everything was set - or so we
thought. I had briefly overlooked the fact that I didn't have anything to wear so I talked to my mom, and
we were off to Deseret Industries to find a used suit. What I ended up finding was suit that looked like it
was tailored to my specifications. It is a grey pin-striped suit that looks quite sharp. I was pleased that it
only took about 20 minutes from leaving my house to arriving with a new suit. Now, everything was set.

I saw Diana's car pull up at around 5:00pm and out came a very nice-looking young woman who
I love very much. She knocked on the door, and I opened it to her with a warm embrace. She returned
the favor, we said farewell to my parents, and we were off!

10 minutes didn't pass when Diana was pestering me again with a desire to know where we were
going. Who did she think she was!? . I wouldn't tell her, and so to change the subject, I wove in
a compliment on how she looked. It worked. We pulled up and found a great parking place right on
Temple square, and she still didn't know where we were going. We walked up to the Joseph Smith
Memorial building and by then, I think she knew. We went up to the waiter and they seated us promptly
in a wonderful seat right by a window overlooking the Temple painted beautifully by a lighted wispy sky.
Everything was perfect! Our waiter's name was Alex and he was a great help to the night. He told us the
ins and outs of the Roof and we were on our way. I was very pleased with Diana's countenance during
all this. She was a complete lady, with a streak of spunk. We ate quite a bit of food. The prime rib they
have is second to absolutely none. We had salmon and halibut, salad and fruit, pasta and beef tips. Not
to mention dessert and that succulent prime rib.

Now, things up to now were going absolutely perfect. We had a very nice, formal evening yet we
kept it light by doing silly things like trying to talk to each other with our mouths full and slurping. Little
things like that kept the atmosphere from becoming too heavy and dull. But we didn't go to any extreme
to ruin the romance of it all. Now let me tell you the highlight of my night.

About 30 minutes after we were seated, a young lady came to our table bearing a wrapped gift of
12 roses to our table. She looked at me, and then to Diana and said "We have a special delivery for
Diana" as she handed the gift to my lovely date. Diana's reaction was absolutely divine. I wish there was
a way that I could portray what happened to me inside as she sat there in awe. To know that was the
cause of such a happiness in her heart as to stun her in such a manner is beyond words. I felt like I wanted
to laugh, cry, run over and hug and kiss her all in one instant. That was the highlight of my night by far.

She cradled the roses for quite awhile, just looking at them. I got a little impatient and asked her
to read the note that was waiting for her. She read my poem and her countenanced changed to even more
serenity and love. The poem read:

Among the roses in my heart

You're the one that shines,

So many virtues deep within

So much good to find!

Imagine you now, if you will

Through this romantic glance

Moving slowly in my embrace

At the y's homecoming dance!

Will you make my dream-date true

by accompanying me to the BYU

Homecoming Dance? I love you!

She just looked at me and then back down at the roses. I was reveling in it all. I was so wrapped up in
the love I felt for Diana, I could hardly contain myself. I must have been beaming. After she had
regained her composure, she put out her hand, and I took it. She then thanked me for everything I had
done and I told her it was by far my pleasure. I tell you, I was on cloud nine.

The rest of the dining experience was wonderful. Our waiter, Alex, came up and said "if you
don't mind me asking, what's the occasion?" as he pointed at the flowers. Diana said after looking at
me inquisitively, "Just a date." Alex smiled (I noticed he was married) and said looking at me, "You
know what you're doing." I was beaming so much, that Diana even noted "You must be so pleased
with yourself.. You're practically shining!" Let me just say - life was good. Life was very very good.
I was so happy that I had decided to do that with Diana because she appreciated it more than I could
have hoped for.

Also, worth noting, was the piano player for us that night.... She was absolutely fantastic. I
was amazed at the things she played and she played it in a way that totally added to the romance of the
evening. I couldn't have asked for a better evening, or a better lady to share it with, and it's not over

After we were through with our meal, we headed downstairs (Diana still didn't know what we
were doing) and we entered the Legacy theater. She was holding her roses and looking at them often.
She would periodically look up at me with the most sincere smile on her face. Her eyes twinkled. I
love seeing her like that. I really really like it. So, we went into Legacy, and we watched it. It was
fabulous. I cried openly as I usually do at that movie. However, I don't think I noticed that Diana
cried at all. That's not alarming to me, but it is different - in the light that I've never seen a girl go in that
theater and come out without her cheeks being stained. That's cool, though. After that, we walked
back to my car, I opened the door for her, and she got in. We went home and talked to my parents.
We went to bed at around 1:30 after a couple of really nice good-night kisses. I love kissing Diana.
Heck, I just plain flat-out love Diana! While I'm at it, I'll say that I'm just all-out IN LOVE with
Diana! Yup - lots. Well, that was my weekend. Thus far.

Sunday rolled around and I got up, got dressed, and went upstairs to where Diana was
sleeping. I woke her up with a kiss on her cheek. We laid in bed there for about an hour and 15
minutes. This would have been alright, if we would have started laying there about an hour earlier. We
started getting ready for church about 5 minutes before we were supposed to be there. I was ready in
about 10 minutes, and Diana was ready in 15 minutes. That's pretty fast for a girl! She looked
beautiful. She wore an off-white floral full-length dress. It was nice. Now, I didn't know that Sunday
was fast and testimony meeting, but I was excited. I love giving my testimony, and I felt that I had a lot
to say, so I got up and bore my testimony. It felt really nice. In that testimony I mentioned something
about guys giving girls a dozen roses... If you haven't done it, you're missing out on one of the finer
points of life.

After that, I went to a wonderful Gospel essentials class and a really good priesthood class too.
When it was over, we came back home and lounged around until family home evening. Andrea gave
an excellent lesson on the value of our testimonies. It was a very heart-felt lesson in which Andrea got
quite emotional. It was nice to see that side of Andrea. After that, Diana and I basically just mingled
'n' stuff. Ryan persuaded me to get a cellular phone that I'll get next weekend. We played around and

Something happened that kind of embarrassed me, but embarrassed Diana worse. All during
Sunday, we were kissing and things like that, and I would go down and kiss her neck and bite it 'n'
stuff and it would tickle her to death. Well, toward the end of the night, she noticed a red spot forming
where I did it. As time went on, it got deeper and deeper until there was a nice red hicki there. I got
an E-mail from her today telling me that it turned purple. Ohwell, I didn't think I did I kissed her that
hard, but I guess I did. I feel kind of bad now, but it's more funny than anything. Soooo... That's that!
Except for one thing...

Sunday night when we went out to her car to show her off to her house, we ended up kissing
quite fiercely. I was out there for about 45 minutes. I ended up going to sleep at around 2:00am. I got
up this morning at 6:00 and drove back down to Provo and here I am!

You'll never guess who I saw today! I saw Elder Mark Luke - one of my kids on my mission!
I trained him, and I didn't even know that he was down here at BYU. He's doing very well and I was
quite excited to see him. I feel bad that I haven't written anybody from my mission very much. Ohwell,
life goes on! I'll talk to you later after I take a test and probably fall asleep during it too. Chao.