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Wed - Jul 13, 2011 : 06:48 pm
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I guess Heavenly Father leads us in mysterious ways.  I came across this site through an engine search.   I feel God's hand upon me the last few weeks bringing me back to where I am supposed to be... Sometimes I feel so lost and I start to question could my heavenly Parents really love me?  Then some simple miracle happens and my faith is renewed.   I guess Lucifer knows exactly what will distract me and he reminds of all the bad stuff thats happened to me or that I brought on myself.  And then the feelings of self loathing surface.... I feel guilty when I question "Why" because it always seems to go back to the same answer.   The answer being you wouldn't understand on this side of the veil.  So I must wait patiently and understand that God is watching and all is as it should be.