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Stop Waving Banners!

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Thu - Feb 17, 2011 : 05:00 am
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Stop Waving Banners!
You know, I don't mind people preaching. It's what religions do; we Latter-Day Saints do it through the Priesthood and the Missionaries, but I do mind people wafting pamphlets in my face telling me we're all doomed and that my wages for sin is death.I know fully that sinful people can be saved through repentance, yet some churches don't bother explaining that simple rule. One bunch of tracting church goers informed me that if you just stopped sinning, that was it, no problem. No definitions of sin, no gentle shove to repent: just stop doing what you're doing. Okay, if it was that easy, Satan would have an empty house because right at the moment of Judgement all the bad folk would simply just stop their bad ways. It's not that easy!I used to smoke, drink and do some things that would scare the Pope into the mountains. Then I joined the Church and all that stopped. Was I saved and blessed with immortality? Ha, no. I wish. Repentance is hard work, harder than giving up what you're not supposed to be doing. It requires more willpower than quitting any drug, more dedication than learning a new skill, and more time than there are hours for.Maybe I'm just biased, but I can't seem to see where churches receive their information, because it's certainly not from the bible. Often the great book mentions repentance. We are also told that through the Atonement we have no longer to pay for the transgressions of Adam. According to the people I was speaking with, we all have to pay for that one. The true church is finally on the earth, and I pray constantly that folk would open their eyes and see it. Listen to God, if the truth is hard to find, listen to him.Rant over.