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Sun - Dec 12, 2010 : 10:31 pm
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Merry Christmas to A.B.S.!!
Since we haven't been booking clients during November and December, we've had a few extra moments to really think about and research the needs of the studio.  The success this little studio has had is very exciting, and only makes us want to hone our craft that much more.

Honing the craft is great, but pouring the success of the studio back into itself provides even more avenues to explore.  One thing we've noticed is the studio has the ability to handle 16 simultaneous tracks, yet it only has 10 preamps.  So, we thought we'd make a trek into the unknown and buy a heavily colored preamp, since the 10 we have are very clean.

We went with the Joe Meek 3Q.  It comes with a preamp, compressor and equalizer.  So far, this is the most unique sounding preamp we have.  I'm hearing lots of face-ripping solos being fed through this sucker.

Another area we have been really struggling in, is the ability to correct pitch.  The software we use here is fabulous for what it does, but one of the shortcomings is incompatibility with popular plugins.  Fear not, however, for Advanced Budget Studios now has the pleasure of welcoming the Antares AVP-1 to the ranks.

This little device not only does auto-tuning, but also has compression, limiting, mic modeling, gating, de-essing, and equalization.  Oh... Did I mention that it does vocal-doubling as well?  Yeah.. It does that too.   So far, this little gem has been the belle of the ball.

The next upgrade was huge, in that it reduces the live-room noise considerably.  We switched out our over-zealous mixer for a more suitable monitor station, which has no fans, therefore produces no noise.  We love this little thing!

...and last, but definitely not least is a little device that has had me reeling this weekend.  But first, an explanation.

Advanced Budget Studios was started with acoustic recording in mind, with an emphasis on drums.  We've been working hard for the past year to perfect the system we have in recording acoustic instruments, and according to the testimonials we've received from our clients, I think we've done quite well in that area (and will continue to grow and hone our skills there, too).

One area we've been completely neglecting is the sector of electronic music creation.  By now, we've realized this is completely unacceptable.  So, after months of research and studying, we decided to acquire a Korg Radias-R, and holy cow, we may have found a new passion.

This little device will allow us to do a wide range of things from sparsely adding completely unique effects into the acoustic recordings, to full-blown trance and techno creations.

With this device, as cliche as it may be, our imagination really is the only limiting factor.

So....  That's a little run-down of our new additions, which will undoubtedly allow our clients to be more creative in their musical stylings, and allow this little studio to come of age, so to speak...


Oh... Did I mention, we're getting a gorgeous Honey-Burst Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Electric Guitar tomorrow?  Yeah..  That too.

(we also might be getting a new Silvertone acoustic which sounds *gorgeous*, if we can pull some strings)

Thank you all for making Advanced Budget Studios a success!