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My Brother’s Plan

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Wed - Jun 23, 2010 : 11:43 pm
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My Brother’s Plan
My brother and I are really close with each other. We usually go out of town with our parents. Since we only have each other (because we are the only children that our parents has), we see to it that we will have many happy memories with together. We have different likes and dislikes when it comes to having a fun time. He loves swimming and I don’t because I don’t know how to swim.

I remember, it was last year when he asked my mom to talk to me about going to swimming. Everything was planned and my answer is the only thing that they are waiting for. I really don’t want to come with them but because my mom and dad told me to just try having fun in different way, I decided to go with them. My brother was so happy and excited that’s why I can’t help but be happy though I know that I really will not enjoy the water.

To our surprise, when we are in the resort where my brother have planned everything, there was a sign stated “Swimming pools will be closed at 5:00pm” and it's almost 5:00 in the afternoon. I saw the disappointment in my brother’s face that’s why I go out of our car and ask the guard what happened. He told me that most of the pool pumps and other pool parts are not working well so they decided to close the resort.

I felt bad because I don’t want my brother to be sad so I just asked my friend who owns a resort if they can accommodate us and she didn’t think twice. Though some of my brother’s plan was done in a different way, I still am happy because I saw the smile in his face when I say that we will still have our outing but in different place.

I love my brother so much and I don’t want him to feel sad. I will do everything just to make him feel secured and always happy.