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Here I Am

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Mon - Jan 18, 2010 : 10:59 am
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Here I Am
Here I Am

New year in a new town, new state, new sisters and brothers in a new ward and I feel wonderful! To end the year 2009, in December I went to the Temple in North Houston and was so warmly embraced by the Holy Spirit I could hardly contain my excitement.

Tomorrow, I make the first Temple trip in the New Year. And I am ecstatic! Last month, for the first time, I was honored to do Ordinances for my mother and my grandfather. This month I will be able to seal my father and mother together along with ordinances for other relatives. Having worked on genealogy for seven years, the feeling of having passed on my love for my family, some who I never had the honor meeting on this earth, has uplifted my spirit and deepened my faith and increased the knowledge of knowing I am doing the right thing, and it is good!

For today, it is time to delete some things on my "to-do" list. Delete, because, wallah, they are completed. Now that is really something to celebrate! Things left to do for today? Write on my WIP, read my scriptures, bathe my dog (Hope), go outside and enjoy the sunshine, answer emails, and, of yes, clean house.